Sunday, September 12, 2010

Barrett: A Stand Up Kind Of Guy

Last year, Tom Barrett was viciously attacked when he tried to de-escalate a serious situation in which a thug was threatening the grandmother of his child. Barrett is still trying to recover from the injuries and several surgeries that were needed.

Barrett's wife, Kris, tells us what it was like to get that phone call:

Compare Barrett's courage and concern for another person should be contrasted with Walker's lack of these attributes, as most clearly identified when he bailed out of Milwaukee County as people were in crisis after the big flood.


  1. Appears to me that Barrett in trying to be the big hero, bit off more than he could chew. He looks foolhardy to me.

  2. It is insensitive to use boxing gloves in a campaign ad, even when barretts name was never mentioned, but his wife playing the sympathy card...and you advertising it after condoning the prior shows the level of hypocrisy you are willing to step into. Then again this has been a pattern of yours.