Monday, September 13, 2010

Walker Blogger Doesn't Like Independent Thought

My, oh my! Hell hath not the fury of a bad blogger scorned.

Aaron Rodriguez, who used to occasionally post at Fairly Conservative, is now going after his former BFF, Cindy Kilkenny, who had shown the truth behind another one of Scott Walker's whisper campaign lies, this one being that Neumann is tapped out of cash. The meme that Team Walker is trying to spread is that Neumann is no longer investing in his campaign (even though it is Election Day Eve) and thus wouldn't have the money to run against Tom Barrett if he were to win Tuesday's primary.

Aaron is quite perturbed with this, to the point of originally titling his post "Kilkennys a political operative":

Okay, where do I begin. First, how telling is it that Neumann was crunching finance numbers with his campaign manager in front of Cindy? How stable is a campaign if they have Cindy sitting at the table during inside strategy discussions? Eeeks!

How desperate does Neumann look when he befriends the only blogger in Wisconsin that supported him? I suppose if Neumann wins, Cindy could become his 4th campaign manager. Perhaps someone should tell him that Cindy almost voted for Barrett because he looked her in the eye when he spoke. Never-mind the minor details that he's a tax and spend liberal that supports partial-birth abortion.

One thing is for certain, I cannot wait until the primaries are over. Although I'm fearful that Cindy and Capper will have a serious meltdown, at least they can still comfort each other when it's all over.

Eeeks? I never knew that Eeek could be pluralized.

Anyway, this is not the first, and I suspect it won't be the last, time that Rodriguez has played fast and loose with the truth. Kilkenny is not the only blogger supporting Neumann. A repeated critic of Walker's, the pseudonymous author of Wisconsin Truth Project just wrote this tonight:

One of the reasons I started this blog last year was because I wanted to point out some issues with the Walker campaign that I knew I could not do with my name attached. Personally, I wish for a future in Wisconsin conservative politics but, if you live in Wisconsin’s Republican political sphere, you cannot afford to suggest anything but that Mark Neumann is out of line in challenging Scott Walker and must be stopped.

Ever wonder why no currently-elected Wisconsin political figure has endorsed Neumann? Or why he had to another state to find a campaign staff?

Because you can forget about getting a job in the Walker Administration – or anywhere near the Wisconsin GOP – if you support Mark Neumann.

Well, Mark Neumann DOES have a right to run for governor – and I have a right to vote for him. And it just so happens that Walker’s baggage from the Milwaukee County Health Complex has compromised his own electability and signified Neumann’s emergence as the biggest threat to Tom Barrett.

I’m voting against Reince Priebus and the Republican establishment – and FOR Mark Neumann.

There have been numerous other bloggers that have also been critical of Walker and the many negative issues connected to both the way he has mismanaged the county and the way he has mismanaged his campaign.

I also really need to point out the hypocrisy of Rodriguez calling Kilkenny an operative for Neumann, since he is a blogger for Walker's website.

But it isn't Kilkenny or any other blogger that Walker and his faithful blogger needs to worry about. It's the regular voters who can see for themselves what a failure Walker has been, and are tired of the machine of either major political party that will decided Walker's fate. For now.

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