Sunday, September 5, 2010

Some "Revealing" Facts About Walker's Donors

Greg Kowalski, aka Mr. Franklin, thought he'd do a little research into who from his hometown of Franklin, WI, was donating to Scott Walker's gubernatorial campaign ahead of a stop Walker has scheduled tomorrow.*

Kowalski's findings were, shall we say, rather revealing.

Walker has received over $1500 from the Hay family (Gerald, Sandra and Danny E.), who all happen to be in ownership of and work at "On The Border" strip club.**

But there's more.

Kowalski also found this tidbit about Sandra Hay:
Perhaps I found one of the reasons why: In digging a little deeper on how Sandra Hay could be listed as "self employed" by "self", I came across an article from the Chicago Breaking News Center, which is a news collaboration of the Chicago Tribune, CLTV & WGN. The article focuses on a controversial methadone clinic in Waukegan, which Mrs. Hay was a co-owner, that closed last year after a death prompted Illinois authorities to inspect the clinic. The article reports that the business likely closed due to the strong possibility of its license being revoked after it did "very poorly" on those inspections. Towards the end of the article, published August 25, 2009, it noted Hay's ownership of On the Border and that IL authorities were investigating a possible connection between the club and the clinic. It is unknown if they closed the case.
I would think that Scott Walker just might want to return that tainted money, what with him supposedly being the son of a preacher man and all.

*Rather telling that Walker won't be at Laborfest. But we already know that he doesn't support working men and women.

**Another possible reason why some members of the local talk radio/right wing blogosphere like Walker.

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