Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Absentee AG Was Really Absent

Last week, I asked where was Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen during the whole Kenneht Kratz scandal. I labeled him as being absentee.

As it turns out, I was off the mark. He was worse than being absent.

Van Hollen has since criticized the Office of Lawyer Regulation for dropping the ball in investigating and taking action against Kratz last year when the allegations about Kratz' sexting first was made known to the authorities. However, he should have checked his own office's files before leveling blame at anyone:

The Wisconsin Department of Justice closed its investigation into Calumet County District Attorney Ken Kratz's sexually charged text messages to a crime victim without interviewing Kratz, according to records of the investigation made public Friday.

DOJ executive assistant Dean Stensberg said his agency's investigation was "absolutely" thorough. He said agents collected all the evidence they needed to determine that a crime had not been committed.

Sadly, it took this public humiliation to get Van Hollen to start doing his job.

Isn't it time to get someone in that office that doesn't play political games with people's lives?


  1. So, besides being a horrible and disgusting human being, what law did the DA violate?
    No doubt, he is a disgusting human being and he should be removed from office but breaking the law?
    The police in calumet County came to the same conclusion.
    The lawyer's investigative unit said he didn't violate ethical standards. That is where you need to vent your rage, not the AG's office, unless you want to make it political.
    And why would the AG's office interview him if they already determined he did not break the law? And why would that Van Holland? This is why they hire investigators in the AG's office.

  2. Are you saying that Van Hollen is not responsible for the actions of his office or his employees? What is with the Republicans never accepting responsibility?

    As for charges, there is misconduct in office for one. Also, it is unethical to use one's office for personal or political gain. I think trying to gain sexual favors would fit into this.