Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Newmann's Like Pelosi, But Walker Likes Pelosi

In what has to be becoming one of the most expensive oopsies in this year's silly season, Walker keeps putting his foot into it.

He started out with a smear campaign of sending out mailers comparing his opponent, Mark Neumann, to Nancy Pelosi because they voted for the same transportation bill in 1990s. He then flooded the airwaves on both TV and radio echoing the same charges.

But it turns out that Walker actually praised the bill when it was passed:
. . . Originally, $241 million of federal funds was set aside for use on the East-West Corridor. Specifically, the money could be used for a light rail system along the corridor or for the widening of I-94 to insert car pool and bus lanes…

. . . At that time, a group of Milwaukee County lawmakers objected to both proposals. Fast forward to May 1998. The same Milwaukee County lawmakers -- three Democrats and three Republicans -- applauded the change in the use of the $241 million and asked that the funds be used on local projects, including the reconstruction of the Marquette Interchange, the Zoo Interchange and on expanding support for the Milwaukee County Transit System.

In our opinion, supporting these projects is a better use of the funds and will ultimately save Milwaukee County taxpayers money.

Rep. Scott Walker
So, when Walker was comparing Neumann to Nancy Pelosi, maybe he actually meant it has a compliment.

Well, at least he waited more than 24 hours before flip-flopping this time.

I have seen many right wing pundits and their commenters trash Neumann for being hypocritical and negative. These same people say that they support Walker because he would run the government the same way he runs his campaign.

It must be true.

Give the recent events from his campaign, including all of the hypocrisy, the racially-tinged tweets and the insensitivity, and if he runs a government the same way he campaigns, is it any real wonder that Milwaukee County is in such a mess?

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