Saturday, September 11, 2010

Scott Walker Owes The Nation An Apology

Scott Walker's campaign has been known for its tackiness. They have sent out racially-tinged tweets, more tweets disrespecting the victims of the O'Donnell Park tragedy and they did a commercial with the innuendo of beating Tom Barrett, who was the victim of a brutal attack outside of State Fair last year.

Today, Walker takes it beyond the pale with this tweet:

Can you imagine that!

On the ninth anniversary of 9/11, the day terrorists hijacked four planes killing thousands of people at the Twin Towers in New York, the Pentagon in Washington DC, and a field in rural Pennsylvania, Walker feels its fine to banter the word "hijack" around to make an inane campaign statement.

In attacking working men and women, he shows a complete disregard for the victims of 9/11, their families, and the entire nation which still grieves this horrible attack on our great nation.

Scott Walker needs to publicly apologize to the entire nation for his insensitivity and the complete inappropriateness of this vulgar campaign stunt.


  1. This can't be over fast enough.

    The man is not leadership material.

  2. Allow me to HIJACK your comments long enough to point out that you've been TERRORIZING Scott Walker so long you've run out of excuses to hate him. You're now seeking to find a CONSPIRACY around every corner.

    If I see one more of these lame attempts at a SNEAK ATTACK my head is going to EXPLODE.

    You're welcome.

  3. Truth hurts....then you whine about it.

  4. Big Talker Scott Walker doesn't know when to shut up and stay quiet.

  5. The faux outrage is nauseating. We're going to pick on one or two words and decide that is outrageous?

    Well, Chris, how about the vile "we're going to set your ass on fire" chant, among others, displayed by your cowardly group of green shirted thugs on Friday? Where's the outrage there?

    Of course, you will say "but this is different..." so spare me your second-grade retort.

    So he's now supposed to use a thesaurus to police his language? Well, what if he used "take control, commandeer, take over, seize, capture, usurp" instead? Would this create the same "outrage"?

    I would think you have other things to hammer him on, not his choice of words. But then again, I would expect this from someone suffering from Walker Derangement Syndrome.

  6. I had Wigderson call me a moron (or something like that) for pointing this out.

    Granted, Walker probably didn't intend on using that word, but still...

  7. Scott Walker owes the nation an apology? That's about the dumbest statement I've ever heard. Are you e-mailing from an insane asylum?

  8. Actually during that union rally there was no, I repeat NO attempt by anyone who spoke at the rally to instruct people to vote for Mark Neumann in the primary. The only endorsements given were in the Democratic party primary for Chris Moews for Milwaukee County Sherrif and Spencer Coggs for Lt. Governor.

    What the speakers said at the rally was that if Neumann did not take down Walker in the primary, we will take him down in November.

    I was there.

  9. I was there.

    None of the speakers at the rally tried to get anyone to vote for Mark Neumann in the primary election. The endorsements given were in the Democratic primary for Chris Moews and Spencer Coggs. Remember, in Wisconsin you can only vote for one parties candidates in the primary election. If you vote for a Democrat you can not vote for a Republican.

    What the speakers actually said was that "if Neumann did not take Walker out in the primary election, we will take him out in November."

    Please, lets get the facts correct. Walker got this wrong in his tweet ( what a surprise ), but Capper, you should correct that and not just follow or comment on his tweets - even if they are wrong. Your creditibility is on the line here as well.

    The use of the word "hijack" on the anniversary of the September 11 tragedy may be inappropriate and insensitive it may be more appropriate to call Walker out on distorting the actual facts of the events that he is tweeting on.

  10. @Zach-

    I don't think Walker backers have the grounds to be calling anyone else a moron.

  11. Tackiness is an understatement. Scott Walker is a piece of work. Such negative/false campaigning make me dislike him even more. What a whiner.

  12. So many people still don't get it.

    The "green shirted thugs" are people who are trying to save thier jobs. They may actually be some of your friends, family or neighbors. Their union negotiated in good faith with their employer. The employer DID NOT bargain in good faith with the union. After the union members had voted to accept the contract that was agreed upon in negotiations the employer decided to demand more concessions from the workers. These demands were never brought to the bargaining table during the 18 months of negotiations, they were only brought out to the court of public opinion through the budget process of Milwaukee County.

    In passing a budget that counted on concessions that had not been agreed on the County Executive and the County Board passed a budget that was not balanced. This is ILLEGAL. The County Executive has CREATED an emergency and used it to grab powers to whatever he wants.

    These "green shirted thugs" have good reason to be angry. A politicial is playing with their lives for what seems to them to be for his own personal gain.

    Wouldn't you be angry?