Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Right Wing: Believe It Or Not Rally

From Milwaukee County First:

The good folks at AFSCME, which I am a proud member, will be holding a truth telling rally outside the courthouse, in Clas Park, this coming Friday, September 10. The rally begins at 4 pm, but goes until 5:30.

They are holding the rally to counter the lies and attacks from right wingers like Scott Walker, his buddies in talk radio, and the right wing front groups like WPRI.

The members of AFSCME are, of course, fighting for their jobs.

But remember what happens when there aren’t enough workers.

  • Things like the disaster we are currently witnessing at the mental health complex where there aren’t enough nurses or care givers to adequately and safely monitor the patients.
  • Where there aren’t enough maintenance workers to keep up on a deteriorating structure.
  • Where proper maintenance can’t be done, so buildings are falling down on people, seriously injuring or even killing them.
  • Where there aren’t enough workers to even keep the parks clean or the ball fields and golf courses maintained.
  • Taxes go up due to the high amounts of overtime.
  • Money that should be going to services are instead going to lucrative contracts with campaign donors
  • Money that should be going to services are instead going to very expensive lawyers to defend the county in class action lawsuits that would never have been filed if they went to workers int he first place.

Milwaukee County First proudly stands with the workers and the citizens and join our voices with theirs as we tell Scott Walker enough is enough, and he cannot run his campaign on our backs anymore.

We look forward to seeing you there on Friday.

ADDENDUM: We have learned there will be musical entertainment and that this is already receiving national attention. Don’t miss out!

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