Friday, September 3, 2010

Phony Candidate, Phony Ad

From FOX6Now:

Not only is the bar phony, but so is the premise, considering that Barrett has brought in hundreds, if not thousands of jobs, while Walker has constantly pushed jobs out of town.


  1. If I were to use the same logic as the liberals in this video I could say that your use of Papyrus font in your header is completely out of date & insipid....thus your posts must be expired & uninspired.

    The Republican Governor's Association is based in DC & support campaigns across the country. The fact it was filmed on the East coast (their backyard) is irrelevant.

    What isn't irrelevant is Barrett's campaign is spending their precious time researching & memorizing the exact number of distribution points for a microbrewery 1/2 way across the country. Perhaps they should lay off the google & YouTube & start developing a strategy where their candidate isn't the political equivalent of Papyrus font.

  2. You will have to blame Blogger for the font.

    But considering that Walker has raised taxes and fees every year, while driving over 40,000 people out of work with just his transit cuts alone, this is a really inane battle for the Republicans to try to fight.

    Yes, Barrett raised taxes, but he has also brought in a lot of jobs, and the City's budget is balanced.

    Walker's current budget is in the area of $10 million in the red and that number grows every day. That doesn't mention the nearly $1 billion, yes, that's with a "b," in unpaid debts that he has already given the tax payers. Any ideas on how long that will take to pay off?

  3. Funny how the barrett campaign is complaining of hiring actors and others from outside the state for campaign ads against them when barrett himself pays people outside the state to do things like run his website, print his media, and for production of his marketing of his campaign.

    Guess the local media is not interested in all the truth behind campaigns....