Monday, September 6, 2010

With A Mighty Blow, Walker Blackens His Own Eye

Scott Walker, feeling the pressure from dwindling poll numbers, decides to go stupid in his negative campaigning and sends off a mailer that accuses his primary opponent of voting for a bill that *gasp* transportation! The mailer, which targeted the Fox Valley, where I've heard Walker is doing exceptionally poorly, also accuses Neumann of voting for the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere" (I guess Sarah Palin turned down his pleas for help), a highway in Canada, and being like Nancy Pelosi.

Such a dolorious blow to deliver. Now, there is nothing wrong with hard hitting campaigning, or calling someone on their record, but for the candidate's sake, you don't want to go over the line and appear as a pompous ass.

Alas, for Walker, his aim is about as accurate as his campaign boasts, and he ended up pummeling himself instead.

Illy-T points out that the U.S. does not pay for highways in Canada, not even Quebec. He does note that Walker does buy his buses from Canada however.

Walker's inanity has caused even some of his most ardent supporters, including one squawker, to call him out on his foolishness. If even his most loyal people are calling him out, what do you suppose that does to people that don't listen to the Republican machine, or to the people that were on the bubble on who to vote for?

But all is not lost for Walker. He still has some that drink of the Kool-Aid served in Walker's Cult of Personality.

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