Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rebecca Kleefisch Disrespects Upstate Voters

Last night, I pointed out that the GOP is limiting the exposure of their candidates to a high level, allowing them to only appear in controlled environments with scripted lines.

Some candidates, like Rebecca Kleefisch, who is tying her self to Scott Walker's coat tails, won't even debate her Democratic counterpart, Tom Nelson.

She has run exactly one ad, but I don't even know if that was run statewide. If it was, it was a waste of money because she included this scene from the ad:

Being endorsed by Sykes, who is only doing so because he thinks she's pretty, and Belling might wow them in Waukesha and Washington Counties, but would be pretty meaningless anywhere else. (Not to mention that Sykes and Belling are both pretty meaningless here as well.)

The people in Southeastern Wisconsin are exposed daily to the miasma that spews out of talk radio, including the constant promotion of Kleefisch, as if their say so should be enough.

However, the people that live west of Waukesha County or north of Washington County, don't have the disadvantage of talk radio's incessant drumbeat and are actually able to decide on their own, relying on their local medias as well as debates to determine who they think would be the best person for any given elected office.

I asked Kleefisch on her Facebook page if she would debate Tom Nelson, but she has refused to answer that simple question. She is either afraid to debate him, or her handlers and/or Walker's campaign are afraid to allow her to debate him.

Either way, she is doing a great disservice to the voters of Wisconsin, especially those that live upstate and outstate of the Milwaukee area. If she shows such disdain for the people now, while she is merely a candidate, what kind of leader would she be? Her actions, or lack thereof, prove that she is not worthy of the position of Lieutenant Governor.


  1. Yeah, once you get west of Jefferson County, no one - not even the liberal haters - recognize Sykes' or Belling's names.

  2. Her ad was homophobic, sexist and classist (sp) all in a few painful seconds. I love it when she says "I don't need a light rail I m a Mom I drive a minivan" Gee I guess I missed out on my automatic issue "Mommyvan" when I had my kids.

  3. But...I have a friend from the Wausau area who luvs Sykes. Thinks he is funny. Don't forget, he oozes to vast portions of the state.

  4. How did she even win the primary election?