Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kleefisch: Desperately Seeking Respect

In one day, Rebecca Kleefisch does a double goof.

First she sends out a press release touting the endorsement of "15 of Wisconsin's best known bloggers." The problem she comes in is when she starts listing them.

The first on the list is the infamous Badger Blogger, home of trolls and sockpoppets, who recently has this doozy on their claim to fame.

Next up was Peter "I want to assassinate the President" DiGuadio (see comment #12), which is actually one of the milder things that Peter has ever said.

Also on the list is Fred "Pain Medication" Dooley and James "Faux Outrage" Wigderson.

Rounding off this who's who is Dad29, famous for his "female soldiers desrerve to get raped" attitude.

Yeah, these are not exactly folks I would be proud of having in my corner.

After this list of who's who, she goes on Facebook to brag about all the people making their own campaign signs and printing off their own literature. I sure hope she's itemizing these for her campaign finance reports.

Of course, she might not be so desperate for respect if she'd only stop going into silly mode.

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