Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Republican Tsunami

Monday morning's edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had an article just gushing about how the Republicans in Wisconsin, unlike Republicans in most other states, were in sync with the Tea Parties. Little did we know how true that was.

One Wisconsin Now did some amazing work and discovered that the Republicans were in collaboration with the Tea Partiers as well as the right wing front group Americans for Prosperity to commit the illegal act of voter suppression by using voter caging.

At their site, you can find the outline of how they were going to control the vote, denying students and minorities their Constitutional right to vote, the transcript of Tim Dake of the Grandsons of Liberty and other discussing this openly, as well as a pretty clear explanation of just what voter caging means.

And here I thought that Scott Walker and Ron Johnson were supposed to be the anointed ones, not the appointed ones.

Just remember this when the right wing starts their meme about this being a conservative tsunami: Tsunamis are actually bad things that can cause massive amounts of damage.

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