Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tales From The Fridge: County Grounds

This is part of an ongoing series to see how true Scott Walker's claim to having kept all of his 2002 campaign promises really is.

In 2002, Scott Walker made a promise about the county grounds, including the Monarch Trail:

Oppose development of the northeast quadrant of County Grounds for anything other than state forest.

Anyone who has been a regular reader of Cog Dis or Milwaukee County First knows that this was a big lie.

Walker pushed to have the county grounds sold at a discount rate to a group of private land developers on the pretense of building an engineering school for UW-Milwaukee.

Now to make matters worse, to get this done, it looks increasingly likely that the tax payers will have to shell out more than $12 million to subsidize the private land speculators.

If Walker had hired competent economic development staffers, before he abolished the department, they could have greatly altered the outcome. They could've steered the school to be built in the Innovation Research Park, or even better yet, in the Park East Corridor.

Tally so far for Walker: Six promised made, zero promises kept.

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