Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Agree With Tim Carpenter

From Milwaukee News Buzz:

Work on a proposed $1 billion expansion of Interstate 39-90 running from Madison south to the Illinois border wouldn’t get underway until at least 2015, but state officials are already planning in earnest. That’s prompted State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) to object to the project. He says the money would be better spent on local roads.

“We have to rethink relentless freeway expansions made at the expense of our local infrastructure,” he says. The infrastructure in Milwaukee sorely needs the funding. Milwaukee Ald. Bob Bauman, a former transportation consultant, estimates that $200 million would be sufficient to resurface the 21 percent of city streets found to be in “poor condition” by a 2008 audit, according to a February story in Milwaukee Magazine.

Instead of floundering around on senseless talking points like the right does when they say the money for high speed rail should be diverted, let's do something that we do have control over.


  1. Divert state funds to fix city streets? If the city of milwaukee has street issues take the money from the train project not other road projects. Your cynicism and loss or reality is amazing.

  2. Hey, thanks for your comment, but can I offer one suggestion. Read the post before showing the world that you're a fool. 'kthnxbai

  3. So we're too poor and should divert freeway funds to local roads but we're not too poor to spends hundreds of millions on a train that a tiny fraction of taxpayers will use? And don't give me this crap that it's "free federal money," that's BS. It's money taken from the taxpayers. The feds could easily reappropriate this train money for local road-building projects if it's so desperately needed.

  4. You should go memorize The Serenity Prayer.

    The State cannot control how the Feds spend that money, but the State can control how it spends its own.

    Why waste all of one's time and effort to fight a fight that you won't win?

    BTW, the freeway expansion isn't needed either.

  5. Lesson for the dolts. The fed money is our money too. To your ill guided thoughts on the 90/39 expansion, it is obvious you never drive the route if you think the expansion is not needed.

    kthnxbai to you as well.

  6. So, how is a state senator to control federal spending? Oh, yeah, he can't. 'Kthnkbainoa

  7. A state senator has as much control as the rest of us. Those that work in washington work for us, on our behalf. If they are doing things, like wasteful spending, it is up to us to remind them who they work for and what their job is.

    Standing back, saying there is nothing we can do is a defeatist attitude. If that is the stance you take nothing will ever change.