Friday, August 6, 2010

Because He's Running For The Little People

Milwaukee News Buzz has been doing a series of articles about the Bradley Foundation, the neoconservative money exchanger that funds such hate groups like Charlie Sykes' WPRI.

They are also responsible for the publishing of "The Bell Curve," which is an attempt to justify racism and elitism. That book's author, Charles Murray, recently resurfaced as RoJo's BFF, when RoJo brought him up to Wisconsin to do an appearance with him.

Thursday's article, done by Bruce Murphy takes a little closer look at the Bradley Foundation's CEO, Michael Grebe:

Grebe’s annual compensation on his first year was about $559,000, according to a story I did in 2004 for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which put him well above the median of $327,450 for his peers at the nation’s largest foundations. (Bradley is the 83rd largest.) At the time, Grebe’s response was that he was earning less than in his prior job as CEO of the Foley & Lardner law firm.

The 2008 federal tax form lists Grebe as earning total compensation of $768,155, including salary and contributions to retirement and other benefits.

Curiously, what Murphy fails to mention is that Grebe is also serving as Scott Walker's campaign chairperson. Given the type of agency he is heading, the people he associates with, and the money he is making, doesn't it seem unlikely that Walker is running to help average, working class people?

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  1. "hate groups like Charlie Sykes' WPRI."