Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Train Domain Name Game

Scott Walker thinks he's got a winning point to grandstand on when it comes to the high speed rail that is about to be built. Of course, for this to be a winning talking point for him, he will require a lot of gullibility among the voters.

He will have to get them to believe he could actually stop this train from coming, when in reality, he can't. He will also have to get people to believe that the train only goes from Milwaukee to Madison and back, when in reality, it will reach all across the nation. He will also have to convince people that live up north that some angry cranks in Waukesha County represent the majority and that people really don't need the jobs that will come with the train being built.

But it appears that Walker's train game is already coming off its tracks.

Cindy Kilkenny points out that this whole train game is a last minute gimmick. She also raises the question about if this is just another sign that his internal polling numbers are still showing that he is in deep trouble when it comes to the primary, which he still likes to pretend isn't going to happen.

And now the pro-train advocates are standing up to him. JSOnline points out that they have built their own website to fight back to tell Walker and Mark Neumann that they are daft for thinking that they are more powerful than this locomotive.

I have a feeling that this, like most of Walker's other schemes, will fizzle out within a week.

But has anyone else also wondered if there is a subliminal message in Walker's website? I have to wonder why he picked as his address. He says that it stands for "No Train."

But given his recent behaviors, and the way he abandoned Milwaukee County and his responsibilities towards it, I find it much more likely that it really stands for "Not Rain."


  1. Wow. You liberals are so desperate that you have taken to quoting Cindy Kilkenny?

    She is neither a Republican, nor a conservative, and her strategic capability is somewhere close to ... well, if an infant would be zero, then she would be a 3.

    I know you are into mental health, so if she helps you, then by all means, enjoy, but a real friend would be honest and tell you - you are going to get your ass handed to you.

  2. She is not the only person who has said that the real poll numbers are not what Rasmussen, Team Walker or the right wing squawkers would have you believe.

    I also have many friends that are conservative, both here in Milwaukee and upstate. None of them are backing Walker. I think he is in serious trouble himself, more ways than one.

  3. Oh, they will be somewhere in the mid 60's or higher.

    It only depends on how much screwing around you clowns do.

    The primary is already over and you guys are next.

    I appreciate your anecdotal thoughts, and I know a few conservatives (I am one, so I can tell the difference) who don't care much for Walker, but their reasoning is based almost entirely on an imagined party conspiracy.

    To put it simply and bluntly, the Ron Paul wing of Republican Primary voters, or about 11%, will vote for Neumann to send yet another meaningless message to the non-existent, insider GOP machine.

    The GOP conspiracy machine exists to the same extent that a Barrett campaign structure exists. Both are figments of the imagination and left as fodder to Glen Beck fans and those that are certain that the Free Masons are part of a world takeover.


  4. Pride goes before a great fall.

  5. Yes. Don't hurt yourself. Be safe out there.

  6. Actually there a few conservatives that may have their own asses handed to them if Scott Walker becomes governor.

    Walker will probably cut the state aid that goes to local governments which will either cause a cut in services provided or an increase in the local property taxes to cover the costs.