Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Team Walker Plays The Racist Card -- Again.

Several conservative bloggers have been critical of Scott Walker's campaign and how he has been running it. They said that the biggest hurdle Walker faces comes not from Tom Barrett, Mark Neumann, or even little old liberal bloggers like me, but from his own supporters and campaign staff. Those warning were seen come to reality today.

Last night, we saw what was supposed to be a full on attack by Team Walker in response to President Barack Obama coming to town to do some fund raising for Tom Barrett. But even before they got started, they stumbled on the poor road conditions caused by Walker's hypocrisy.

They picked up the momentum today, even getting some national attention for their gimmick.

However, true to their nature, Team Walker managed to screw it up.

Perhaps being a little too giddy from what they perceive to be a rout coming in the primary, they got overconfident and slipped up.

Michael Brickman, Walker's official campaign blogger, started the train wreck by tweeting a race-baiting comment to an article at Hot Air, which included a video of a group of people, predominately African American, dancing to the song "C'mon'n Ride It (The Train)."

This was retweeted by Walker's communication director, Jill Bader:

Both Brickman and Bader have since deleted their respective tweets.

Stephanie Findley, an African American woman, took offense at their insensitivity and inappropriateness and called them out on it, giving them even more national attention:

"On the day President Obama visited Milwaukee, the spokeswoman for Scott Walker, the endorsed Republican candidate for governor, posted to Twitter a video meant to mock the ongoing high-speed rail plans of this administration. There are many humorous ways to get the point across. Instead, the Walker campaign reached way back to the 1990s to dredge up a video featuring primarily African-American dancers. It would be naive to suggest that there are no racial overtones in the timing and the content of this communication by the Walker campaign. At best, it is tasteless and needlessly provocative. At worst, it recalls the coded racial program of division that has been exploited in the past. In either case, Scott Walker must apologize."

Bader then made it even worse for herself and her team when she tried to cover up her screw up with another tweet:
James Wigderson only adds to the mess by trying to rationalize Team Walker's misdeeds and then through up the red herring of the James T. Harris case. Note to James: Findley didn't need to be told that it was offensive, like Harris did. And to further cement that he is losing ground as being a serious writer, he decides to just insult everyone.

Illusory Tenant further disproves that it was an "accident" by pointing out that it is pretty difficult to mistake the two links for each other:
Then Jill Bader further expects you to believe she thought that a URL containing the hypertext protocol http://youtu.be was in fact a link to a blog post at http://hotair. I don't know which you're supposed to swallow: either of those ridiculous expectations, or the fact that she's the communications director for a serious gubernatorial candidate.
And since they seem to enjoy the national spotlight, Jill Bader will be glad to know that for her birthday, she was named as Keith Olberman's Worst Person in America.

Now, if this was an isolated incident, I might have been willing to go along with it being an accident.

However, it is hard to swallow that when the chairman of Walker's campaign, Michael Grebe, is also the CEO of the Bradley Foundation, which had put up the money to publish the highly racist book "The Bell Curve."

And lest we forget, about ten months ago, Walker and his buddies at CRG were trying to force the bogus budget down our throats by playing the race-baiting card against Lee Holloway.

There's just too many coincidences for it to be a mere "accident."


  1. Of course cap you will be called out for being a racist for calling out racism. Nothing pushes their detonators more that holding up the mirror. Dan the twit must be asleep after him long day Wal-Mart. Hard to believe anyone beat him to this post.

  2. Enough with the gratuitous attacks. Dan, while wrong on many subjects, doesn't deserve that kind of garbage.

    Save it for those that are the true twits.

  3. I still cant figure out why they call them tweets. it's twitter.com not tweeter.com.