Friday, August 27, 2010

Oops, Kapanke Did It Again. And Again.

Just yesterday, I informed the gentle reader of the ethically-challenged Dan Kapanke (R-Corruption), who is trying to unseat Ron Kind, having yet more illegal activities surrounding his campaign.

Now, with this being on the western side of the state, I haven't been following the race too closely, but I have to imagine that Kind has not had to spend much money on his campaign for re-election, given that his biggest help is coming from Kapanke himself.

As I pointed out yesterday, Kapanke is in hot water for using money from a supposed charitable fund to help pay a personal debt to the city for lights at his ballpark, which he uses to advertise for his campaign.

Today, it turns out that Kapanke is saying that is absolutely not true. Kapanke said he didn't make a payment to the city with these funds. Kapanke said he made TWO payments with the charity's money:

Congressional candidate and state Sen. Dan Kapanke acknowledged Thursday he tapped about twice as much money as was previously reported from a charitable foundation to pay for lights to be installed at the home field of a baseball team he co-owns with his wife.

Kapanke, owner of the La Crosse Loggers of the Northwoods League, told the Leader-Telegram editorial board the La Crosse Loggers Foundation, a charitable organization separate from the team, made two payments totaling about $32,000 to pay off the personal debt.

How is this guy is still in office, much less still in the race?

H/T Steve Hanson at Uppity Wisconsin

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