Sunday, August 15, 2010

Scott Walker: Promoting Unemployment

As I pointed out last night, and Cindy Kilkenny at Fairly Conservative also noted, Scott Walker is encouraging kids to drop out of college.

His irresponsible statement came in an after debate interview and was reported in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
Walker said he didn't graduate because he got a job and he suggested that in the current economy college students close to graduating might consider doing the same.
Just like almost everything else coming out of Walker's campaign, this is a tremendously ignorant thing to say.

If people were to actually follow Walker's advice, the unemployment situation, as bad as it is, would end up being exponentially worse.

However, via Caffeinated Politics, we learn that on Sunday morning, Laura Tyson, a member of the president's Economic Recovery Advisory Board, appeared on This Week. Some of her comments were on the relationship between education and employment:
And then, finally, we have to worry about the longer-run problem of this structural employment, because I'm going to point out one thing for this discussion. The unemployment problem is primarily a problem for people who have a high school -- who don't have a high school education or just have a high school education.

Unemployment for those with college educations is now 4.5 percent. Unemployment for those with more than a college education, below 4 percent. We have a problem of education in this country, and we have to educate more of our young people fully through college education. Let's take this as an opportunity to do that.

If people were to follow Walker's suggestions, they would have a three to four times greater chance of being unemployed.

Not only would Walker be a bad governor, he is a shameful and inappropriate role model for today's youth.


  1. You do realize that there is a real world out there and not every job requires a college education.
    But hey, Bill Gates dropped out of college. I guess he was wrong, eh?
    And for people who have degrees in say liberal arts, women studies, political science, French studies, English, archeology and other worthless degrees these people are better off dropping out of college than trying to get a job in the real world in those worthless fields.

  2. And the left spin machine is out of control...

  3. @Dan I think this is the key quote "Unemployment for those with college educations is now 4.5 percent. " Seems like getting a college education would give people a better chance of not facing unemployment does it not?

  4. Dan, you relate to the Republican party the way Ned Beatty related to his captors in Deliverance.

    What is riotous are the business leaders in this state who support Walker. If someone walked through the door with a resume devoid of a college degree they wouldn't have a chance at a managerial position, let along executive as in the case of governor.

    Now of course relevant experience could matter, but what has Walker had except political hack.

    You know that to be true Dan you pathetic little twit.