Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Todd Herman: RNC's Gift To Democrats

Todd Herman is the New Media Director for the RNC. He is also the greatest gift that the Republicans have given to the Democrats since Michael Steele.

Last week, on August 19th, Herman decided to send out a foolish tweet regarding President Obama's faith:

The Republican National Committee is distancing itself from a personal tweet sent by one of its directors that suggested President Barack Obama had once admitted his Muslim heritage.

Late last week, the committee's new media director, Todd Herman, posted an item asking whether the president was among the 20 percent of the public who thinks he was a Muslim. The tweet linked to an old interview Obama gave in which he stumbled, verbally, in trying to explain why people were confused about his religion.


Asked whether the tweet was RNC sanctioned, spokesman Doug Heye replied, "no," before offering perhaps the fullest distancing yet of any Republican entity from the Obama-is-a-Muslim rumors.

But the fun didn't stop there. That very same day, he also sent out a Mark Belling-esque tweet regarding illegal immigration:

How many times do we have to see this kind of crap, especially among the higher ranks of the Republicans, before they admit that this isn't a fluke for them?


  1. Chris,

    I'm obligated to inform you that the Democrat Governor's Association issued a racist tweet about Latinos and tacos. I would appreciate if you posted about it in the interest of fairness.



  2. Aaron Rodriguez, Walker blogger, lecturing me on fairness. Now that's a laugher!

  3. Capper,

    I'm not always on Walker's side. He's made mistakes that I've called him out for, including his change on Arizona's law and his vocal support of in-state tuition reimbursement for the children of undocumented immigrants - the latter being more disturbing. You can expect an article soon about in-state tuition reimbursement and the GOP.

    Now, will you do a post about it? Fair is fair, right?

  4. LOL! Now take him to account for playing politics before public safety, then we will talk. You can start by retracting your slander of County Supervisors who were standing up for the citizenry.