Saturday, August 14, 2010

Three Weeks Later, Barrett Still Leads, Walker Still Leaves

It's been three weeks since the Great Brew Town Flood 2010 and we are still dealing with the effects of it. People are still cleaning out the ruined things from the heavy flood waters and/or trying to find a new place to call home.

FEMA came, but they have only guaranteed money for the governments, but nothing for the individuals. This is, quite understandably, causing a lot of anger and frustration for those that were the most affected by the floods.

Tom Barrett is still working hard for the citizens and is still pushing the feds to cough up some money for the individuals most affected:

The mayor outlined concerns in the letter at a news conference in the 4900 block of N. 64th St., in a neighborhood among the hardest hit by flood damage in Milwaukee.

Though the disaster declaration issued earlier this week for Milwaukee and Grant counties by President Barack Obama's administration makes local governments eligible for federal relief, it provides no assistance to residents who suffered lost homes or property damage.

In Milwaukee, where Barrett said 95% of homes have basements, basement flooding can cause damage to furnaces, electrical systems, washers, dryers and, in many cases, living quarters that can leave a home uninhabitable.

"The situation for most of Milwaukee's properties is actually much more serious than the (affected) designation indicates," Barrett said in the letter.

Meanwhile, the Department of Public Works announced Friday that Milwaukee sanitation crews will collect flood-damaged debris indefinitely.

The move was announced after Ald. Ashanti Hamilton released a statement complaining about an earlier plan to end free debris pickup Friday. He argued that the city wasn't doing enough to help flood victims or to prevent flooding and sewage backups that damaged hundreds of area homes.

"We must recognize - we are still in emergency mode," Hamilton's statement said. "The recovery process must be treated with the same sense of urgency and importance as the floods themselves were."

Since the storms, the city has received more than 9,600 calls for flood debris collection, and crews have collected 6,031 tons of flood-damaged trash. Almost 1,000 additional calls have been received this week.

The city's Self-Help Centers, 3879 W. Lincoln Ave. and 6660 N. Industrial Road, also will accept flood debris from residents, DPW officials said.

Barrett's letter said 390 tons of flood debris has been taken to the centers.

Meanwhile, Scott Walker, who showed his true colors by leaving his county high and dry when it was down and drowning, just so he could go campaigning, still hasn't learned from all the negative backlash he got from his self-centeredness and is still avoiding all of his responsibilities so he can go out and sell his snake oil to captive evidence.

If Walker can survive the primary, as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel desperately hopes, it would truly become a race between a man with proven leadership skills in Barrett and a weasel in an otherwise empty suit in Walker.


  1. Yes between a man and a lesser man...

  2. Interesting that Barrett is not leading in the polls, even against Neumann. LOL

  3. Oh, come on TerryN, you're not that dumb. Walker has spent millions running TV ad after ad. Barrett just ran his second one.

    Wait until September and then wonder what happened.

  4. "you're not that dumb" Thanks for the compliment.

    Methinks your side is going to be surprised at the seething anger against all things the party in power has done in the last two years.

  5. I think you will find that a two-edged sword, especially with Walker securing his spot as the establishment candidate.

  6. "securing his spot as the establishment candidate"
    lol, must only be an establishment candidate when the president and your political party are against him. Cause we all know any links to the current establishment admin, current president and his party, are just by coincidence, has nothing to do with barrett running for governor --- he is anything but establishment.

  7. LOL:

    Oh, he is as establishment as a politician can be.

    Why did he push for the Republican endorsement when they don't usually do that? Why is he embracing all the other life long politicians and begging for their endorsements? Why is Klauser backing him now?

    He is the establishment.

  8. Yes he is, just like barrett...guess you missed the point. Another stunning victory for the two party system.