Friday, August 27, 2010

"Running As A Democrat"

Remember back a couple of years ago, when Scott Walker was running for County Executive for the third time, even though he only promised to run for it twice? Sheriff David Clarke did some ads endorsing Walker and kept referring himself as having "ran as a Democrat." This is because he really is nothing more than a DINOSAUR (Democrat In Name Only, Secretly An Undercover Republican).

The cats is out of the cellophane bag now as he had a meet and greet with the Conservative Young Professionals* last night:

Notice that while at the fund raiser, he doesn't want to talk about crime, but things he has no jurisdiction over. But that kind of fits in, doesn't it? Phony Democrat, phony sheriff, phony politician.

*It always strikes me as sad that these young people already have had their idealism stolen from them.

If you want to vote for the Democratic candidate for Sheriff, look at Chris Moews, who is a Democrat and has experience upholding the law, which already puts him many steps ahead of Clarke.


  1. Nothing new here.m I wish everyone who still believes Clarke is a Democrat could have seen him cozying up to Scott Walker at the Fiesta Mexicana Opening Ceremony on Friday, August 27th. I wanted to tell them to get a room.

  2. Its also unfortunate that Moews isn't a real democrat either. He voted to endorse McCain over Obama in 2008.

  3. why does it kill you that Clarke has support from BOTH sides of the aisle despite not being a legislator? I bet you didn't mind the bi-partisan support for Obama from people like Colin Powell and other conservatives. Realize that a democrat sheriff vs a republican sheriff has no difference in how they enforce the law. In other words, GET OVER IT. Why not judge someone on their results and not some perceived ideology?

  4. I was not aware that Clarke was getting support from the left. When did that start?

    But one question, do you really, really want me to go into Clarke's record? With the failure to notice drunk drivers and then covering it up? With violating the rules of his own jail? With running a blog on County time? The failure of GRIP, which left streets unsafe?

    Do you really want me to go there?

  5. So you'd prefer a sheriff who is only liked by extreme left-wing democrats? So to you it's more about ideology than results. Are the Lakefront, Parks, freeways, buses, and jail safer and better off now compared to 4 yrs ago?

  6. Clarke increased the patrols in the parks after he decreased them and we had the Bloody Memorial Day weekend, where two people were gunned down.

    It has been documented that there are less freeway patrols now than ever before. Clarke privatized the security on the buses and then reported that the security guards were only on the buses 3% of the time. And there was the prison break that occurred a couple of years ago.

    And BTW, Clarke has been Sheriff for eight, not four years.

  7. If less freeway patrols are bad, then why are accidents down and drunk driving arrests up?

    People are gunned down in Milwaukee everyday...why aren't you calling for Chief Flynn's head after every murder on Milwaukee streets?

    Clarke did not privatize the security on buses(do you ever do your homework btw?), MCTS hired Wackenhut and Clarke ridiculed that move and HE was the one that said that they were on the bus 3% of the time and that it was a "travesty" for the taxpayers.

    So do you promise that Moews will NEVER have a prison break? Promise? Have prison breaks happened with regularity under Clarke?

  8. Where are you getting your information from regarding the stats?

    Flynn is responsible for societal problems? Regardless, things are better now than before, right? So may the less drunk drivers are due to him and not Clarke, since Clarke can't even tell if a driver is drunk.

    Clarke did contract with Wackenthug even after he ridiculed them to do inmate transports. How is that good management?

    And speaking of drunk drivers, any comments about the way he tried to cover up his own failures to enforce the law?

  9. I'm sick of doing your homework:

    You seem to be blaming Clarke for 2 murders that happened several years ago in a park so I equated that to murders that happen every day on the streets that Chief Flynn handles.

    Can you immediately tell when someone is at .08 just by looking at them? A guy stuck in a snowbank on a snowy day doesn't immediately mean he's drunk. Clarke called for a squad to deal with it, so what? He's the sheriff, not a beat patrol deputy.

  10. Oh, I am aware of that, I met about there being less accidents and more drunk driver arrests.

    But since you brought up Wackenthug again, if they were so bad, why did Clark want to give them inmate transportation? A little hypocritical, don't you think?

    As for the drunk driver, do your homework and get your facts straight. Clarke was with the drunk for a half hour, plenty of time to smell the booze, see the empties and the open can of beer while he was in the car. The deputy picked up on it pretty fast, so why didn't Clarke?

    And you never explained his attempted cover up.

    But the best line is this one:

    He's the sheriff, not a beat patrol deputy.

    I just may have to make a post on that one.