Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Allegations Against Kapanke

State Senator Dan Kapanke, who is running for U.S. Congress against Representative Ron Kind, is in more hot water.

The Democrats have filed a complaint against Kapanke accusing him of funneling funds from a charity he operates to pay his personal debts. From the Rhinelander Daily News:
The new complaint alleges Kapanke took $16,930 from the charity and used it to make a payment to the city of La Crosse on June 12, 2009. The complaint says that was a scheduled repayment of a portion of a $225,000 loan made to Kapanke and his wife in March 2009 from the city for installing lights at Copeland Field, where the Loggers play. The complaint cites IRS records showing that the payment came from the foundation.
This isn't the first time Kapanke has gotten himself in legal trouble.

He was originally accused in 2007 of using his baseball team and the stadium to gain free publicity for his political aspirations.

Last year
, he was accused of not complying with the open records laws and that he was using his government office and staff for campaign purposes. He was found guilty of violating the open records laws, but then stuck the tax payers with his $38,000 legal bill.

Apparently tired of having Attorney Michael Maistelman, who is again representing the Democrats, kicking his butt in court, has already cried "Mea culpa."

The question is now whether Kapanke is either incompetent, corrupt or both.

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