Saturday, August 14, 2010

An Executive With A Power Point

RoJo's come out with another commercial, which is exceptional in that it is exceptionally blase.

I won't go into any great depth on it, since the ad itself has no depth to it either.

But I will let the Chief describe the commercial in a way no one else could duplicate:

Hey, look: it's an account giving a PowerPoint presentation! Feel the excitement!

All that's missing is a TI-85 graphing calculator.


  1. What's your point? You don't like grassroots politics? I suppose you would rather have someone who cares nothing about you rule your life.

  2. LOL! I would hardly call the GOP grassroots.

    And are you going to tell me that RoJo, who won't sell his BP stock until the market gets high enough, as opposed to just because it's the right thing to do, really cares about anything except his bank account?

  3. Why is selling BP stock, "the right thing to do"?

    The stock market rule I know is buy low sell high.

    The grassroots reference is to "RoJo's" status as a politician. He crossed into the dark side. At least he's polling higher than the incumbent...

  4. I forgot to ask this again. What's your point???

  5. So, money is more important to you than morality or the environment or other people or...

    No wonder you're conservative!

  6. "money is more important to you than morality or the environment"
    But isn't that YOUR excuse for the failing of MMSD?

  7. No, that's just my pointing out your hypocrisy.

  8. So you are now willing to admit and fix the problem of MMSD? Or is this just another one of your irrational debate techniques?