Sunday, August 29, 2010

Two Cops Gunned Down In Front Of Their Families

I cannot even begin to imagine the horror of this:
Two Hoonah police officers were ambushed, shot and killed Saturday night by a suspect who on Sunday afternoon was still barricaded in his home on Front Street in the Southeast Alaska community of about 800 people, according to Alaska State Troopers.The wife and young children of the one of the officers witnessed the violence as it began, as did the mother of the other officer, said interim city administrator Bob Prunella.

Tokuoka was off duty, Martin said. He was in his car with his wife, Haley, their 6-year-old son and their 2-year-old daughter. They stopped to talk to Wallace, the officer on duty, who was standing outside the vehicle. Wallace's mother, a nurse who was visiting from Florida, was nearby and saw her son shot, Prunella said.


"The regular officer went down first. In fact, my daughter and the kids were in the car. Matt wasn't actually on duty yet," Martin said. "The shots rang out, you know, and they hit Tony. I guess they hit them in the leg first. And then Matt told my daughter, he said to get the kids out of here. 'Get out of here!' he said.

"He went to help Tony and I think that's when he got it."

Prunella said that Tokuoka tried to get other people to safety but that he didn't have all the details yet. Wallace's mom told Prunella she saw her son shot.

Those poor kids just had their entire futures taken from them. The article doesn't say what started this whole thing, but there is no way it was worth this.

I can't wait to hear the wingers try to tell us the answer is to put more guns out there.


  1. Taking guns away from law abiding citizens who do not barricade themselves in their homes and shoot police officers will not prevent this from happening.

  2. I just might be wrong, but I would suspect that the gunman hadn't barricaded himself in a house and killed two cops before this happened.

  3. "I just might be wrong" are on many occasions.

    Using your own analogy we should not let people have cars either. After all without the cars they couldn't get drunk and kill people, even if they never did it before...sound stupid, well yes; get the point?

  4. Not at all, troll. Cars were not invented to kill, guns were. But simple facts like this are even too much for a simple mind like yours.

  5. Wow, right to step 3.

    The ignorance of your position shows regardless of design, cars kill more people than guns. Using your own silly analogy with respect to cars shows how weak it is to begin with.

    Now, are you going to side step away from the discussion or toss out more schoolyard banter? Anything but debating the topic at hand is something you are good at.

  6. Doesn't change the fact that cars were made to make it easier to get from Point A to Point B.

    Guns were made to make it easier to kill.

    If people can't handle a car, why should we trust them with killing machines?

  7. "If people can't handle a car, why should we trust them with killing machines?"
    So you think taking away cars, because they could kill someone is a good idea or not?

  8. Cars are licensed and publicly registered, and people can lose their privileges if they abuse the right to drive.

    Gun nuts don't want to be publicly registered. And whether a gun is used properly or not, it still kills. What do you do, wait until someone is shot, then take action?

  9. Whether a car is used properly or not, it still can kill. What do you do, wait until someone is killed, then take action?

    Yes, that reasoning sounds so very dense.

    To further disprove your points. Criminals loose their legal rights to carry weapons just as people lose their privileges to drive a car. Yet their are many instances of non-licensed people who have hit and killed people while driving a what are you going to do about, take away their gun?

  10. So, exactly how does writing in nonsensical circles disprove my point?