Saturday, August 14, 2010

Drinking Liberally: A Tolchocking Good Time

Is it really that time already?

According to our ever gracious host, it is:

My dear and only friend,

I was talking with me droog the post-corrective advisor after our last round at the milkbar, and he says something I thought was real horrorshow: "Want to have Dave Westlake come here again?" After a sip of the old knifey moloko, I says, "Yeah, and, Tom Nelson will be showing up for a liberal tolchocking, too!"

Let me translate that if it's been a while since you've read "A Clockwork Orange." Tom Nelson and Dave Westlake, who are respectively Democratic and Republican candidates for lieutenant governor and U.S. Senate, will be at the next Drinking Liberally.

It's the second time we'll have Westlake pay a visit, and the first time we'll have met Nelson. Last time we had Westlake, he and Congressional candidate Todd Kolosso had an impromptu debate. What will what happens this time? Come find out!

Speaking as Your Cordial Host, in no way do I endorses or espouses "tolchocking" a candidate for office, as Alex may have done in that infamous novel. But Drinking Liberally gives you the chance to give them a good verbal workout. Come armed with questions! I hope you'll leave satisfied either with the answers you receive or with the beer you get at Sugar Maple. Speaking of...

Where: Sugar Maple, 441 E. Lincoln Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53207

When: Wednesday 18 August, 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Who: You, and fifteen of your new best friends.

Till the 18th!

Jason Haas
Your Cordial Host and Humble Narrator

I just might have to go this time around. I would like to do some tolchocking with Mr. Westlake.

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