Monday, August 9, 2010

The Birthday Gift That Keeps On Taking

Today is my birthday.

So far, it is as I like to have most of my birthdays, and is relatively quiet. A few emails and phone calls from family and friends, but otherwise nice an peaceful.

One person who I wish had not thought about my birthday is Scott Walker. As a "gift," he gave me yet another furlough day. This one is #14, so I am about two thirds through the 22 he gave to certain employees, regardless of whether it was legal or not. If it is found illegal, then it will be just another vacation day, but with a deferred payment for it. So I'm not to upset about it personally.

The ones that should be upset are the tax payers. This being the fourteenth furlough day means that Walker has squandered a total of $9800 of revenue from the state and the feds. That is $9800 worth of services not being provided today, but will be provided later at the expense of Milwaukee County tax payers. And that will double if the above mentioned fact that these extra 10 days end up being rescinded.

Stealing from tax payers to celebrate a birthday. What a guy. I bet he hands out rocks on Halloween too.

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  1. May all your birthday wishes, whether for yourself or Scott Walker, come true.