Friday, August 27, 2010

People Must Be Starting To Pay Attention: Walker Down In Polls

The latest Rasmussen polling numbers came out Friday and to put it mildly, it's not good news for Scott Walker.

The polls show, as Cindy Kilkenny gleefully points out, that for the first time in the race, Mark Neumann is leading Scott Walker. And the polling was done on August 24, the day before Neumann stole Walker's bag lunch and ate it during the debate.

But Team Neumann and Ms. Kilkenny shouldn't be blowing up their victory balloons quite yet.

Rasmussen is a rather questionable source of polling numbers. Furthermore, Neumann's lead is only one percent, which is basically a statistical tie. Although I will give credit to the fact that Neumann's momentum is on an upward swing, while Walker's is falling like a piece of a county building.

Also, Tom Barrett is making an impressive push as well. He was down by a helluva lot more, but now is within three or four points of each of the Republicans. If one calculates in the Rasmussen Factor, it actually would put Barrett above each of the Republicans by a couple, three points.

In fact, Barrett is coming on so strongly, that Wisconsin has gone from "Leaning Republican" to "Toss Up."

It's not surprising that Walker's numbers are dropping. Just look at some of Walker's "highlights" from the past year or so:
  • His backed up toilets at the courthouse makes the national scene,
  • Parts of County buildings are falling down, including O'Donnell Park where a woman was maimed and a teenage boy was killed,
  • Total disarray at the county run mental health complex, including the sexual assault of scores of patients, and the poor way he responded to it,
  • A budget meltdown,
  • The open mocking of his incredulous campaign promises,
  • Campaign staff making racially charged tweets,
  • The questions around his campaign bike ride,
  • County staff doing campaign work,
  • Questions about his academic career, and
  • The loss of jobs due to cuts in the transit system.
And that is just to name a few off the top of my head.

After these numbers, I would not be surprised if Scott Walker is curled up in a fetal position under his desk, hyperventilating into one of his brown paper bags.


  1. LOL.....

    Barrett is viewed Very Favorably by 24% of Wisconsin voters and Very Unfavorably by 28%.

    Neumann’s ratings are 20% Very Favorable, 17% Very Unfavorable.

    Reviews for Walker are 32% Very Favorable, 24% Very Unfavorable.

    Yeah, he is in big trouble.

  2. Try to follow the trend. Plus you don't explain the shift to "toss up" status. Why would that be? Besides intellectual dishonesty, of course.

  3. Trend? Now who is being intellectuality dishonest. Rasmussen has walker V barrett movement up and down since april; hardly trend setting when the movements are so close to the margin of error in the polling. But you keep grasping...

    8/24 - 8/24 Walker +3
    8/10 - 8/10 Walker +8
    7/27 - 7/27 Walker +7
    7/13 - 7/13 Walker +4
    6/21 - 6/21 Walker +8
    5/25 - 5/25 Walker +7
    4/20 - 4/20 Walker +2

    A trend change would be IF barrett ever polled ahead.

  4. Interesting. Now go back further when Walker was bragging about having double digit leads.

    And you still haven't explained the change in status...

  5. Are these comments about walkers statement or your interpretation of the Rasmussen poll? Ah thats right, step 2, deflect.

  6. Speaking of deflection, where do you see anything about a statement from Walker? Just making sh*t up now, eh?

  7. lol, capper this morning you wrote "Walker was bragging about having double digit leads".

    Now you are claiming "where do you see anything about a statement from Walker".

    It was your own comments I responded to. Do you want to try again or is this more deflection?

  8. Again, where's the statement in the post? Or are you just so full of misinformation, if not out right lies, that you no longer have a grip on reality?

  9. lol, yes explaining your comments to you are draining and at times a step away from reality.

    It is obvious you don't want to debate your conclusion or your own provided comments.

  10. Progress is being made! You admit to stepping away from reality. That is a very important first step to self-improvement: admitting you have a problem.

    But still, no answer to the shift in status...
    Why are you avoiding that?