Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Clueless In 'Stallis

Dumb line of the day:
"I don't want to be perceived as a threat to anyone," Krause said Monday. "I just want to be safe, like everyone else."
If that is true, then don't wear a gun while doing your gardening and acting like a schmuck in general.

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  1. You made it, you bought it.

    Open carry is the result of your opposition to concealed carry.

    Get a brain, fix the problem, or keep thinking like you do, and keep the problem. It's your choice.

  2. "then don't WHERE a gun while doing your gardening and acting like a schmuck in general."
    From one schmuck to another.

  3. Where a gun?
    Here a gun, there a gun.
    Everywhere a gun, gun.

  4. Well, in recent months we had one open carry proponent who filed a similar civil rights claim now charged with murder while carrying openly for "protection", and another open rights proponent known for carrying his trusty side arm robbed of that side arm while he was also carrying it for "protection".

    In a related story, my raspberrys are ripe, and this morning I went out and picked a whole can of them completely unarmed. Boy, do I have giant coconut balls to attempt a stunt like that. Why, I've even been known to walk into a suburban Wongs Wok in the middle of the day without my .357. I guess I just like to live on the edge.

  5. lol...yep edit out your errors. All the while spilling lefty yarns of people who choose to exercise their rights.

  6. Capper:

    Could you update your time stamp to indicate when you fixed your typo? I'm assuming it was BEFORE work. (5:16 AM post)

    Aaron, was it still WHERE when you posted at 6:38 AM?

    But then again, time stamps can be manipulated so easy.

  7. The stupid part of the whole thing is that the neighbor, who ostensibly knew exactly who the man was, called the police to ask whether it was legal.

    The police then came to his home, drew their weapons, and treated him like a criminal even though they KNEW he was the property owner, and therefore was not a threat to his own property.

    You could argue it was the police who made the situation confrontational by drawing their weapons on a man who was acting peacefully on his own property.

  8. Nick...when police confront a man with a gun, whether the man is on his own property or not, they should draw their weapons. They don't know what is going through the man's mind or why he is toting a gun. To assume he is not going to use his gun and approach the situation nonchalantly is a good way to get yourself killed.