Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Grand Old Pretenders

WISGOP is apparently going with a make believe platform this election year. Quite a number of their candidates aren't quite what they would like to present themselves to be.

Their Senate hopeful, Ron Johnson, is having a problem getting his identity straightened out. A prime example would be the way he presents himself as a self-made millionaire, but in reality, he made his money by marrying into it. He has also been having problems getting himself caught up in trying to figure out what his positions is on most topics, whether it be his stock in BP or sunspots.

Perpetual gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker has also been proven to be a fraud many times over. He claims to drive an old Saturn around, but in actually is chauffeured in a big, black SUV. He claims to be so frugal he uses a bag lunch, yet spends thousands of dollars at Ruth's Chris. He claims to spend our money like it was his own, but he gives himself a $50,000 boost in pay and then buys a new house with a big pool, while we get crumbling buildings and insufficient services.

The latest of the Grand Old Pretenders is Rebecca Kleefisch. She is just getting her name out there, but is already showing great pretending potential. She is portraying her as some sort of Jane Common Woman who understands how tough times are because she is also struggling.

But the evidence seems to contradict those claims. First there is the question if she really owns an iPhone or not. A la Walker, she claims to drive an old beat up minivan everywhere, but as we can see in this video, this is no minivan:

And for someone who has to cut coupons and cut down on her groceries because she is so heavily taxed, she sure has a nice home with hard wood floors and granite counter tops in the kitchen:

While I won't give out her address, let's just say a house by Okauchee Lake can run over a third of a million.

Is it any wonder that the GOP is having problems getting their messages out in a clear fashion, when they can't even decide on who they really are? It is amazing that anyone would be able to support people that aren't even honest on who they are.


  1. I can't stand Becky, but unless she's English, she wasn't driving that car. Do you know it's hers?

    Seriously, Liebs, is this the best you've got? Taking pot shots at people who have hard wood floors and live on Lake Okauchee? Travel west of 124th St once in a while and you'll see that all those super rich people living in Waukesha have challenges too.

    Are you really that disconnected from reality?

    And with Ron Johnson, this line of attack that somehow he isn't self-made is just foolish. He's been running the business since 1979; whether he married into it or not doesn't matter. Is the compnay successful under his leaderhsip? Yes. Is it bigger than it was? Yes.

    Ask yourself this: how many people has he given jobs to and how many have you or Jud Lounsbury given someone? Yeah, that Ron Johnson - what a jerk for running a company and giving people jobs! You go ahead with that narrative this fall.

  2. I don't Capper, I think you're reaching on kitchen-gate. From the picture it doesn't look all that spacious to me.

    Nice touch with that "third of a million" line, which does sound like a lot more than $300,000.

    fyi - The median home price in Waukesha county for 2009 was $227,000 according to the Wisconsin Realtor's Association.

  3. Jeremy-

    The house was assessed at $341K, its equalized value is $377.5K. If she were running to be Lt. Gov. of Waukesha, she's be OK, but the statewide average is $152.6K.


    Of course I didn't create any jobs. I didn't marry into a company that had sole seller rights to the FIL's company.

  4. Oh, and the car had her campaign sign on the side, so I don' think it was Tom Nelson's or anyone else's.

  5. "don' think"
    says it all.

  6. This post makes you look desperate.

  7. The public record shows they purchased the property in 2004 for $347,500. The record also shows that the previous owner payed $221,000 in 2000. That's a 57.2% return on in investment in four years! Do you think the Kleefischs were crunching those numbers at the time? Of course not. Like the rest of us dolts, they were caught up in the "irrational exuberance" of the moment. Here's the real kicker, according to MLS data; not only did the Kleefischs give the previous owner a $126,500 return on his $221,000 investment, they threw in a $2600 bonus. That's right, they payed more than asking price! How's that for shrewd?

  8. It couldn't have been a campaign staffer's car? I still have a George W. Bush for President sticker from 2000 on my car... by your logic, it's his car. What about my Marquette license plate holder? Does that make it MU property?

  9. Publius-

    Did you watch the video? How many campaign staffers drive newer Beamers? And do you still carry stacks of W. signs in the back of your car?

  10. Well, I don't know... you're the one alleging how much money she has, so maybe her driver just got a raise or is the next door neighbor...

    I recently got rid of them all; I gave them all to Mike Tate so he can remember who Tom Barrett is running against in case he lost his talking points.

  11. Considering the major blunders Walker is making, including the grand one today, I'm sure Barrett will have no problems with Neumann.