Monday, August 9, 2010

Grothman: Let Them Gum Cake

Glen Grothman (R-Around the Bend) is Wisconsin's own perpetual gaffe machine.

Recently, he decided that mental health care is overrated and didn't think adding mental health parity to the state's coverage requirements was not a good idea and even wrote about how bad it would be if people with mental illnesses actually received care. His disdain of the mental health care system and for mental health providers probably goes a long way to explain why his a perpetual gaffe machine.

Much more recently, Grothman carried on his antics by trying to support behind Scott Walker, when it was discovered that Walker had never finished college for mysterious reasons. This time, he pointed out (probably very accurately) that Walker wouldn't gain anything by forwarding his educational career and otherwise disparaging people who bothered to get an education.

The most recent gaffe came out on Friday. Milwaukee News Buzz reported that Grothman, who was having a tantrum about a 10-year state health plan and it's increased call for parity in other parts of the medical field:

Asks Grothman, “Do transgendered people have better or worse teeth than the population as a whole? Who cares? It is apparent that the public health establishment has gone well beyond their traditional role of vaccination and preventing lice. These busybodies want to greatly expand government’s role in transportation, child care, local zoning decisions and sexual morality.”

Public health professionals are likely chafing at the suggestion their field is limited to flu shots and combing through children’s hair, seeking the elusive louse. Programs address HIV, diabetes and obesity rates and other concerns. “Where we’ve put programming in place, we see improvements,” Baisch says.

But to Grothman, the plan is liberal do gooder-ism run amok. “The document,” he fumes, “is also obsessed with political correctness so that phrases such as ‘differing races, ethnicities, sexual identities and orientations, gender identities, and education or economic status’ is common.”

Ignoring the fact that he is complaining about the government being too involved in sexual morality when he was one of the biggest supporters of the anti-gay marriage amendment, it highlights where Grothman is coming from when he is complaining about racial equality or any other sort of equality.

It also says a lot about the people that keep re-electing him.

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