Monday, August 9, 2010

Enforcing The Perception

Remember that big rain two weeks ago? Streets were flooded chest deep, people were losing their homes and their cars. One young man lost his life.

Remember what Scott Walker did then? He ran away, showing to the world that campaigning was more important than his constituents.

Doesn't this tweet by Walker only go to reinforce that perception?


  1. Yes perception has been lost on well as facts.

  2. Facts?

    When the flood came where was Walker? What did he do to help people with two feet of water in their basements? What did he propose to do? Please tell me I want to know!

    Please give me the FACTS of how he was going to help someone. As far as I know he was miles away from Milwaukee County. You know Milwaukee County, the place that is paying him a lot of money to actually do something other than try to get elected governor.

    If Walker really wants to save the citizens of Milwaukee County some precious tax dollars, maybe he should actually stay here and do his job himself. Then he could actually eliminate the political appointments that he has made to his campaign staff and reduce the size of the County workforce by getting rid of a bunch of people who serve no usefull purpose and collect an inflated salary.

    Please hit me with the facts. I need to hear it.

  3. "Please tell me I want to know!"
    The "county" cant just step in and usurp city control. Unless a municipality asks for help the county exec can't just step and and take over....

    What city asked for the county help and didn't receive it? What area that the county had control over did not get help?