Monday, August 23, 2010

My City Alderman... embarrassingly ignorant.
Why do politicians find it so hard to be honest and recognize the problems of trying to move money from one pot to the other? Wasn't Doyle's and Walker's mistakes enough?


  1. Republicans hate trains and im not sure why. My theory is they hate all progress from 1950 on...

  2. Proud,

    Nope, it's that you cannot see your sides failures since 1910 on.

    But have a nice day.

    If trains worked, they would still be here.

    If stretcars worked, they too would still be here.

    Unfortunately, buses can barely survive because almost nobody wants them, even the people that have to have them and that is about all we want to pay for.

    Your "High Speed" rail will go no faster than your 1950's trains, yet you call it progress.

    Funny stuff.

  3. Not to mention barrett's moving of water money from one account to another...