Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Walker's Non-Apology Apology

Yesterday, it came out that two of Walker's campaign staffers, Jill Bader and Michael Brickman, sent out tweets with racial overtones. Team Walker was called out on it, but it wasn't until today, when the press finally decided to report on it, that Scott Walker even came close to issuing an apology. But it wasn't much of an apology:
“An honest mistake was made by a staffer that forwarded a message from a blogger that linked to a video rather than a blog post. When it was brought to our attention, she immediately removed the message and apologized to anyone that was offended by it.”
As Tom Barrett and others have already pointed out, it was not "an honest mistake." That much was given away when she tried to convince people that she couldn't tell the difference between "youtube" and "hotair."

Furthermore, the blogger that Walker refers to was Michael Brickman, Walker's own campaign blogger! I am only surprised that the rest of the campaign staff didn't retweet it as well, as is their wont.

That would be like someone apologizing for hitting you in the face because their fist accidentally followed their clenched fingers.

And Walker shouldn't even consider saying Brickman's action was a mistake either. When Brickman started his tweet with the word "Ha!" it would indicate that he had indeed viewed the video and found it funny.

No one shouldn't be surprised by Walker's inability to issue a proper apology, though. First of all, if he had done that correctly, it would have been the first time he did something right in a long time, and he wouldn't want to break his streak. Secondly, as I pointed out last night, race baiting has been a long standing practice of Walker's, so he probably can't even conceive on how it was offensive.

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  1. Soul train...a TV show is now considered racist, wow.