Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Team Walker's Tackiness Knows No End

Team Walker has truly mastered the art of putting their collective feet in their collective mouths.

Shortly after the tragedy at O'Donnell Park, where a 27,000 pound concrete facade fell off, killing a teenage boy, injuring another boy and seriously injuring a woman, Team Walker had to brag about "crushing" Tom Barrett in the polls.

Despite receiving some criticism for their poor choice of words, they repeat the same gaffe shortly after a panel fell at Mitchell Airport, striking another young man in the head. This time, they "crushed" a low balled campaign goal.

A couple of weeks ago, two of Walker's campaign staffers (not to be confused with his county staff or his county/campaign staff), issued a racially-tinged tweet.

Now, Walker has come out with a new commercial which shows Walker wearing boxing gloves, threatening to "fight back" against Tom Barrett. Barrett, if you would recall, is still recovering from a severe beating he took when he intervened trying to protect a woman and her grandchild near State Fair last week.

Taken individually, each of these examples are not very meaningful and, at worst, can be called an example of poor taste or social skills.

But together, they only reinforce the perception that Walker is an immature, egocentric and not ready for prime time. It also reinforces the stories about Walker's days at Marquette University and the unethical behavior he displayed when he ran for president of the student body.


  1. Did anyone ever check into this tip from a comment at Badger Blogger a couple years back (http://badgerblogger.com/?p=6770)?

    "Arthur Bremmer Says:
    July 22nd, 2008 at 10:52 am

    People would do well to look into the student government scandal of ca. 1987, during which people now in high places in Milwaukee stole student money to take their dates to a dance. Details, including Walker’s involvement, are in the Marquette Tribune."

    Wouldn't it be odd if all the old issues were somehow "missing?"

    And by the way, is your mother really deceased, or were you just giving Mickey the biz?

  2. I've looked into that story about Walker and couldn't find any proof that he was involved with it. In fact, one account had it that he was on the panel judging the perpetrators.

    And yes, my mother is deceased. See my post from this past Sunday.

  3. I read your testimonial to your mother. Sounds a lot like my mother. That generation definitely had something on ours I think.