Friday, August 20, 2010

Scott Walker, Pay Heed To California

Bad news for Ahnold the Governator of Califaunia, good news for the working men and women:
Alameda Superior Court Judge Steven Brick ruled Aug. 9 that there are "serious questions" about the legality of furloughs and issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) blocking all furloughs for Local 1000-represented employees, regardless of funding source. Thursday afternoon the 1st District Court of Appeal in San Francisco rejected the governor's attempt to overturn our court victory blocking furloughs. Governor Schwarzenegger immediately asked the California Supreme Court to review the ruling.


In his ruling, Judge Brick wrote that the furloughs have depleted state employees' savings, hurt their credit, brought on foreclosures and have even threatened many families' ability to afford food and medicine.

The judge wrote that Local 1000 "made a sufficient showing of great or irreparable harm to at least some of their members through the 30 plus declarations."

Brick credited the member statements for showing the balance of harm was on workers.

"Judge Brick was not convinced that furloughing of these employees was going to do anything to address the $19 billion deficit that was used to justify the furloughs," added Felix De La Torre, Local 1000's lead attorney on the case.
I hope Scott Walker is paying attention. AFSCME already has a number of actions pending about Walker's abuse of power regarding furloughs and unfair bargaining tactics.


  1. California is the liberal utopia - I'd say you should pay heed to California.

    If we let you run this state as the liberals have run California (no, Arnold didn't do it and he is a liberal himself), we won't have much of a state left. We will become Greece.

  2. Acutally,Greece's problems have gotten much worse since they tried a Walker style austerity approach.

  3. lol, greece tried to fix it's problems with a 10% spending cut (from GDP) and in 2 1/2 months you say it made the country worse? Looking through your keynesian glasses again are you...the same ones that showed a 9% (from GDP) increase in spending increased unemployment and closed business in 18 months in our country.

  4. No, I just pay attention. Greece is going down faster now that they've taken the austerity approach, just like Ireland is swamping out.

  5. Down faster...2 1/2 months has shown you that?