Friday, September 21, 2012

2nd Assembly District

The people in the 2nd Assembly District of Wisconsin have a chance to help make Wisconsin a better place. In November, they can send Larry Preuss to Madison to actually represent them.

 The seat is currently being held by intellectual lightweight Andre Jacque.   You might not have heard of Jacque because his legislative career has been based on doing as he was told by party leadership, free thinking was not allowed.   The reason he was not allowed to have his own thoughts, was because the one time he did, he circulated an amendment to bring the "Person hood bill" to WI.  

In case you do not know what the "Person Hood Bill" is, it basically gives legal status to a fertilized egg.   As Nicole Safar, legal and policy analyst at Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin , says the intent of the proposed Wisconsin amendment is to give legal status to a fertilized egg. Therefore, she argues, "Anything that threatens the viability of a fertilized egg becomes homicide. That includes abortion, in vitro fertilization, birth control."

The "Person hood" bill is actually so extreme, it failed miserably in Mississippi of all places.    Now with unemployment high, a structural deficit that was never taken care of, a state divided, and public education failng, Andre Jacque thinks this is the time to put his sole focus on bringing the failed extremist bill to WI.  

Time for the people of the Wisconsin 2nd district to stand up and be heard.  

VOTE LARRY PRUESS - Tuesday November 6th!!

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