Monday, September 24, 2012

The Walker Budget Keeps On Working! Part CXLVII

If you want to know what a Romnney/Ryan led country, just look at Fitzwalkerstan, where the rich are already getting huge tax breaks and the costs are borne by the working families:
Seven months after Tom and Betty Schoenberger bought Boese’s Home Bakery from Dick Boese, a gas oven malfunctioned and exploded on April 4, 1968. Tom Schoenberger suffered first and second degree burns and the family’s Oregon Street bakery was closed for a month.

Once it re-opened, though, Schoenberger’s Pastry Shops would grow to need locations on both the south and north sides, to deliver fresh baked breads and buns to restaurants from Milwaukee to Borth and to survive long enough to become the last stand-alone bakery in Oshkosh.

But after 45 years, Betty Schoenberger and her daughter, Karen Schulz, have decided there’s not enough dough in dough. The family-run business will close its doors for good Sept. 30.


But times have changed and now, Schoenberger and Schulz said, the rise of grocery and convenince store baked goods and the general economy have forced them to end their run. An auction in early October will sell off much of their equipment.

“It’s just not a viable business anymore,” Schoenberger said. “We are grateful to the customers and restaurants who use us, but it’s just not enough. We can’t keep putting money into the business and not getting it back.”
This is not the way to run a state or a country. They must not be allowed to keep hurting the good people.

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