Saturday, September 29, 2012

Changes Made In Milwaukee County Board's Annual Budget Public Hearing

From the County Board:
The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors is proud to host the Annual Budget Public Hearing on Monday, October 29th in the Bradley Pavilion of the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts, 929 N. Water Street in Milwaukee. Doors will open at 6 p.m.; the meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m.

The Board hosts the Public Hearing on the County Executive’s Recommended Budget, including amendments by the County Board’s Finance, Personnel and Audit Committee, to hear questions and concerns related to the annual budget.

“The Board looks forward to this Annual Budget Public Hearing as it represents some of our most important work: listening to the people of Milwaukee County,” said Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic. “The Marcus Center, a well-known home of expression and ideas, makes a strong statement about the communication and transparency that the Board prioritizes as the branch of government closest to the people of Milwaukee County.”

The Board encourages attendance and testimony. All speakers will have two minutes to address the Board during the hearing.

Owned and partially funded by Milwaukee County, the Marcus Center is centrally located in Milwaukee’s vibrant downtown.

Free parking, including handicapped accessible stalls, will be available in the Marcus Center structure, located one block north of the Marcus Center, between East State Street and East Highland Avenue. The entrance is one block west of Water Street.

A skywalk crosses State Street from the parking structure to the Marcus Center. Hearing attendees can access the skywalk from the parking structure by taking the stairs or elevator in the southeast corner of the structure and going to the third floor (roof level).
It is unfortunate that the Board felt compelled to make such a choice.  It alienates and ostracizes many Milwaukee County citizens.

In the old forum of the Washington Park Senior Center, which was located in the center of the county, parking was convenient and immediately next to the building.  It was easily accessible for all people, including the elderly and disabled.  The new location is going to be a deterrent for many people to make it to the hearing.

The only question is whether this was an intentional act or whether it was just someone not thinking things through.

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