Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wisconsin is going FORWARD With President Obama

I had the ultimate honor in being able to join with thousands of others in welcoming President Obama to Milwaukee on Saturday afternoon. I went with my mom, my dad and my younger brother. We heard from Senator Herb Kohl, Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin and Mayor Tom Barrett, and we were even graced by the attendance of some Packers - Jermichael Finley and Desmond Bishop (I knew it was smart to wear my Packer hoodie!) as well. The weather was great and the rain held out almost until President Obama was done speaking. In fact, this rainbow appeared a few minutes before he took the stage:

I know some media outlets (looking at you TMJ4) want to downplay the numbers in attendance, but I can tell you that when we arrived only a half hour after the doors opened, the line went from the end of the Summerfest grounds, all the way past the art museum. The line grew larger by the minute. People arrived in droves. And they were still arriving hours after we had gotten there. The energy of the crowd was contagious. People came out from all walks of life. All of America was represented. It was amazing.

The President's speech was brilliant. He spoke with us about the necessity of a strong, thriving middle class. He compared his plans to the plans of Mitt Romney, and the differences are incredibly vast. President Obama has been fighting non-stop for the past 4 years, through Republican obstructionism and corporate cash, to set our nation on the right track. He supports the middle class, students, women, small business owners, veterans, the LGBT community, immigrants and DREAMer's, and social security and medicare. A Romney future would be bleak, scary and financially devastating. It would be an all-out oligarchy. Corporations would be writing policy. The middle class would vanish. Schools would crumble. Rights would no longer exist for those who aren't rich. It's very scary.

On our economy, President Obama reminded us that our it grows from the bottom up, not from the top down. Trickle down economics does not work and it's what caused our economy to tank in the first place. He spoke on how cutting taxes for the middle class and small businesses is a MUST and that he would not allow the wealthy and corporations to continue to escape paying their fair share. We are Americans. We all do out part to build our nation stronger. Mitt Romney will bloat a trickle down idea that will cause another financial crash like we saw in 2008.

President Obama reaffirmed his support for women's rights and equality. He supports a women's choice rights, and our rights to fight back against discrimination in the work place. He will continue to support funding for Planned Parenthood, free screenings for breast cancer and the RIGHT of women to obtain birth control. He also discussed his support of the LGBT community in their fight for marriage equality and their rights to fight back against the discrimination they face in school and the workplace. He took Don't Ask, Don't Tell off the books. Mitt Romney would reinstate this discriminatory policy that is destructive to our soldier's livelihood.

Veterans are one of President Obama's most important focuses. He genuinely cares for them. He cares about their futures and their recovery. He talked about how important it is that we rally for veterans and their cause. We can not, and will not leave them behind. He knows that supporting our troops is more than slapping a bumper sticker on your car, and doesn't end when they come home. He's implemented programs that helps them get the physical and mental help they need, as well as finding jobs, education and homes when they return. Remember, Mitt Romney said that he didn't include our military in his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention because he didn't believe it was an issue that was important enough for him to mention. Do we really want someone like that in charge of our national security?

Education and students were also a hot topic for the President. He discussed with us about the need to continue fight for quality and AFFORDABLE education in our country. He stressed the necessity for students to graduate in the fields of math and science so we can compete in a global economy. He wants to ensure that communities have schools that are teaching at a full capacity. He wants to make sure that our tech schools are strong so that Americans looking for work can obtain the skills they need to find good paying jobs. On our environment and energy, President Obama talked about his support for green jobs and clean sources of energy. Wind and solar are necessary to our nation to keep it clean and going for future generations. He stressed the need to end subsidies for oil companies. I couldn't agree on that one more.

I knew I was voting for President Obama again a long time ago, but I know now more than ever that he is the right person for the task. His is proven his leadership. He has our back, and we have his. He will fight endlessly for us to obtain everything that is needed to fulfill the American dream. Education, a clean environment, our economy, our housing, our country, our world, they are safe with President Obama. I know that the Republicans are getting scared about Wisconsin. President Obama is leading Mitt Romney and they are getting worried. I've seen a ramp up of negative ads from Romney, the GOP and his superPACs. They range from Obama being weak on China to lies about the Affordable Care Act. But from what I saw yesterday, Wisconsinites aren't letting themselves be fooled by corporate money. We are standing firm for our President and he has our support. We're fired up and ready to go. We are moving forward with President Obama and Vice President Biden!
Oh, and there were Romney supporters there protesting...all 5 of them.


  1. This turnout was wonderful. You know, I sure wish BO would have come to Wisconsin to support the public sector workers sooner than this! I know it's water under the bridge, but I think he could have fired up some support for the recall with a personal appearance rather than the text wishing TB good luck on the eve of the recall.

    1. He stayed away so that he would not be associated with a failed attempt to block the plan. Public workers should never be allowed to support candidates that they negotiate with for wages. It's the same reason that Jimmy Carter did away with collective barganing for federal employees when he was president. Where was the liberal outrage then?

    2. Using that arguments, businesses that have contracts with or receive money from the government should not be allowed to support candidates either, right?

  2. It suprising how many people continue to support Obama considering all of his failed promises and dismal performance for the past 4 years. Unemployment over 8%, net loss of jobs, 46 million on food stamps, health care costs rising, 16 trillion in debt... and yet you think he was a success! He is the most divisive president of our time. It's time for a change!