Monday, September 17, 2012

Capitol Police: To Protect And To Serve - But Whom?

Commandant Dave Erwin and his troops are there allegedly to protect and to serve.  But the question is whom are they protecting and whom are they serving?

Apparently, it's not the people of the state.

Watch this video as they completely mishandle a real crisis as they try to bully people around in their artificial crisis of illegal sign holding:

Please note how the cops' first concern was to try to intimidate the group with their fascist rules, then to cover their butts when they slowly realize that they have a real emergency on their hands.

The woman having the medical emergency is Dawn Henke. She is, fortunately, OK.

But she did have a word for the people that flooded her page with concern and love:
Absolutely overwhelmed with comments/messages/feedback.
Thank you everyone for all of your well wishes and concern. I appreciate all of it.

I am now safely home in Wausau with my husband who is very relieved to have me home, especially after seeing the videos and such before I could make it here. He was about as close to wanting to throw some CP over railings as one could imagine. He is taking g
ood care of me.

I just want to say this, and I'll keep it as vague as possible intentionally:

The decision to "unarrest" me was not something the CP made out of feeling bad about what they had done or feeling compassionate toward me- it had more to do with the fact that once that ambulance was on VA property, I was in federal jurisdiction and they no longer had any right to "detain" me while was in the VA hospital which has federal jurisdiction, which trumps state jurisdiction. Do not think for a second that they "unarrested me" to be kind.

I will also say that I was only "unarrested" after giving up my identification and address so that the CP can now perhaps pay me home visits with citations for whatever the ticket of the day is, or maybe they'll decide to mail them to me. Either way, I will not back down. I will not stop. They will not silence my voice, or OUR voice in OUR house!

Further, I am forever grateful to Ted Voth who was a true gentleman and hero today by speaking up when he saw injustice. I hope that people will only be encouraged and find even more resolve in our fight against those that wish to silence us.

As it has been said by a few musicians, but sticks out most notably by Kurt Cobain's use of it, "it's better to burn out than to fade away."

My heart may well go someday whether far off, or someday soon, but I have already come to terms with the fact that our time here is finite. It is not how much time we have, but rather, how we spend our time that matters.

To everyone, thank you, truly. Solidarity forever and always! ♥ ♥ ♥"
As far as I can tell, there's not been one news story about this, much less a statement from Erwin, much much less an apology from Erwin.

Like I said, the Capitol Police are there to protect and serve...but whom?


  1. The Capital Police are run by the head of the Wisconsin State Patrol. That position is held by the Fitzgerald brother's father, who suddenly came out of retirement and take the job far better suited to the other bona-fide applicants he mysteriously beat.
    Erwin is the new appointee who is playing along with Fitzgerald's directives; the previous CP head did not.
    Fitzgerald gets his marching orders from Scott Walker.

  2. As Mayor Daley of Chicago said in 1968: "The police are not here to prevent disorder, they are here to preserve disorder."

    I have sympathy for the Capitol Police officers who are being forced to act like thugs so that their leader Heinrich Erwin can ascend to the leadership of the State Patrol as his payoff for suppressing free speech. Some people have no conscience or professional integrity and will do anything for that big promotion.

    1. Some people have no conscience or professional integrity and will do anything to put food on their family.

  3. I wonder how Castle Doctrine playsinto Ms. Henke's need to feel safe in her home?

    Yes, the sarcasm is intended.