Sunday, September 23, 2012

He's No Sean Duffy

Pat Kreitlow, the Democratic candidate taking on Sean "Tiny Dancer" Duffy has come out with his first ad, and it is simply brilliant:

Solid points couched in some good humor is always a winner. It reminds me of Russ Feingold's ads when he first ran for the Senate.

I think we now know why Duffy is so nervous.


  1. Worth watching. I just sent Pat Kreitlow's campaign the little I can spare, so I am glad to see such a good ad.

  2. Kreitlow is better than Lassa, I'll admit that. There are core Dems who are loyal to him, so that's a plus. He's glib and assured in front a a camera, (no kidding). There's a downside however to both of these strengths, they are also his weaknesses. The kinds of Dems who galvanize to him are the McMansion-y types, the ones who are compelled to be on all the committees where you are SEEN etc. Scruffier Dems, farther left, younger, greener, those repelled by The Plastic Man image, etc are really repelled by the Plastic Man image. And I mean repelled to the extent that they roll their eyes at the mention of his name. That's NOT good. You don't want that many Dem-leaners to be casting votes grudgingly. People DO remember that his gift to the electorate last time was that law re: handing out booze samples in grocery stores. That was pretty much it. I think he also piped up at the end about raw milk. So beyond any Critical Beverage Issues, Pat doesn't really break a sweat.
    And btw this area has had increased awareness of the social problems of alcohol lately. That booze sample thing was dumb. So I hope old "Jake" and Peggy appreciated it.
    People who pay attention see Kreitlow as a chair-warmer/stuffed shit when they "whisper". As far as his established small town 'self-conduct" goes, Kreitlow has been a snobby guy. The point being, he has that Yuppie support but really no chance of winning undecideds, the "working man", lower-middle class, people who struggle with small town caste problems in their daily lives. So if Duffy has an appeal beyond his core, and is able to pull in stragglers and impulse voters, Kreitlow has a problem. That's where he can't compete. Even though he is "skilled" as a candidate overall. There are better politicians who are able to do the eye-to-eye thing and emotionally reach people who are not just like them. Yes, in Wisconsin. Kreitlow has a terrible stuffed-shirt handicap in an area of the state where that is a real problem.
    And most importantly NEVER, and I mean never ever ever ever ever, compare "It's Pat" Kreitlow to Russ Feingold. Shame on you.

  3. I called Sean Duffy's office last year to warn him his voting record would cause me to contribute to whomever ran against him. Well, Sean, the time is now...payback's a bitch for not listening to your constituents. Writing a check to Pat Kreitlow, Mr. "I-Can't-Live-on-$174,000-a-year". I think it was Duffy's vote to give himself LIFETIME healthcare benefits at taxpayer expense while working against the Affordable Healthcare Act that was the tipping point for me.