Monday, September 17, 2012

The Challenge Paul Ryan Is Afraid To Try

Paul Ryan is a manly sort of man.

He can run marathons in less than three hours.

He can climb 40 mountains on a Sunday afternoon.

Heck, I've heard that he swims from Washington, D.C., up the East Coast and through the Great Lakes and back again on the weekends to save airfare.

But there is one thing that makes this manly man a cravenly coward - trying to defend his preposterous claims that he can balance a budget or grow the economy.

Yup, he refuses to come out of hiding to debate his opponent, Rob Zerban.

To help encourage the little darling to come out of his hidey hole, Zerban has started an online petition telling Ryan to come home and face his constituents, no matter how scared he is.

Now it could be that Lyin' Ryan is worried about the numbers in the latest polls and is afraid of losing any more points, since he still wants to feed off the government gravy train he set up for himself. After all, just like struggling Sean Duffy, Ryan knows that $350 bottles of wine don't grow on tress.

So tell Paul Ryan to come back and face his challenger in a public debate.

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  1. Just makes me think of the song "Running On Empty"