Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Uh Oh! Someone's Got Tommy Troubles!

Two new polls came out on Monday that show Tommy Thompson* is in a world of hurt.

One poll, done for Tammy Baldwin's campaign, shows that Thompson has crashed hard after the small bounce he got from the Republican National Convention:
Baldwin was backed by 50 percent of respondents in the survey conducted Sept. 9-12, while Thompson was favored by 45 percent, according to a memo on the poll prepared by The Feldman Group.

The results were reversed from August polling done for the campaign. That survey found 50 percent backed Thompson, while 44 percent favored Baldwin. Independent polling in August after the Republican primary also had Thompson up by as many as 9 percentage points.

The new Baldwin polling memo said Thompson’s negatives have gone up since he got a post-primary bounce in August. His favorable ratings were 45 percent in each of the campaign’s previous two surveys. But it fell to 39 percent in the latest poll, while his unfavorable rating was up to 46 percent.
The other poll, done by Public Policy Polling, found similar results, with Thompson taking a nose dive:
In the U.S. Senate race, Baldwin was backed by 48 percent of respondents, while 45 percent supported Thompson.

The poll found 53 percent of respondents had a negative impression of Thompson, while 40 percent had a favorable view of him. It found Baldwin's favorable-unfavorable split was 44-45.

The survey also found 90 percent of respondents were committed to their choice in the Senate race.
It's not surprising that Thompson is taking a header like a drunken sot.

He's been getting hammered on his ties to lobbyists and other special interest groups, a fact that Baldwin's poll pointed out.

There is also the poorly handled incident where his campaign spokesman had sent out a tweet ripping on Baldwin's sexual orientation. To this day, Thompson still hasn't fired this bigot from his staff showing his complicit agreement with his spokesman's homophobia.

Thompson hasn't been helping himself much with his lack of a message. I saw one of his commercials earlier this evening. In it, Thompson claims he has a plan of balancing the budget and creating jobs.

Um, someone want to tell Thompson that those are not plans, but rather are objectives and goals? Like Mitt "Robme" Romney and Paul Lyin' Ryan, Thompson doesn't have a plan is willing to go to any extreme to hide that fact, hoping that the voters have drunk enough Kool Aid that they are willing to believe anything.

In Thompson's case, that extreme is running to Bush's Brain, Karl Rove, whose Super PAC is dropping a a million dollars on an ad buy in our state.

I'm sure that hitching his wagon to the sleeziest political operative in recent history will help him get out of the drag of being hitched to other sleezy political operatives.

It'll be interesting to see just how far down in the polls Thompson can sink in the next 49 days.

And to Ms. Baldwin, all I can say is: Keep sticking it to him, Tammy!

*I use to refer to Tommy Thompson as TOMMY!!! due to his extraordinary conceitedness. Now he is such a sad shell of his former self, he doesn't get anyone that excited anymore.


  1. Tommy can't help himself--he's got nothing to run on. He won't get the votes of independants, so all his advertising is wasted money.
    Yesterday's Journal-Sentinel had a Spivak article "investigating" Tommy's business relations (gave a couple problems showing his activities on corporate boards), but had "experts" claiming it's doubtful Baldwin exposing these types of problems would have much sway on voters.
    That's BS. The Baldwin campaign should not relent on exposing these problems and his refusal to release tax and financial information, as is the custom.

  2. WOW! Go Rob...if voter suppression and bags of ballot fraud can be curtailed, make Ryan lose his House seat also. Now that would be just desserts for the stuckup fool's over-reaching & under-achieving and the District citizens would have real representation again.

  3. Ohhhh, thank you, as I always am so happy to see allusions to Tommy's "Stick it to Milwaukee!" speech.

    Not that I, as a Milwaukeean, even needed another reason to uphold my record of never, ever voting for Tommy.