Saturday, September 22, 2012

Raw Footage Of Sean Duffy At WISGOP Strategy Summit

The following video was brought to Cog Dis at great risk of life and limb. It is a taping of Sean Duffy at a WISGOP strategy summit held earlier today in Wausau, WI. The quality isn't the greatest because the person taping the session had to infiltrate the meeting. They got about 11 minutes of the meeting before they were found out and kicked out of the meeting. Pay close attention to what Duffy is saying and you can tell a lot of things that the Republicans don't want us to know:

Here are some of the bigger points I came away with from the video:
  • Mitt Romney's 47% comment really has hurt the Republicans, not just the Romney/Ryan ticket, but it's spilling over to races like Tommy Thompson's floundering campaign
  • The Republicans are publicly backing off the Ayn Rand philosophy, but are still privately pushing the same principles.
  • The public is not very receptive to the Republicans' message.
  • Duffy is trying to ride Paul Ryan's popularity, even as it's dwindling.
  • Republicans aren't polling well with the Hispanic population.
  • Duffy is nervous about his own race.
  • Class warfare is one of the Republicans' key strategies as shown by Duffy's comment about a "better class of people" going on food stamps. It could also be interpreted as race baiting.
  • Duffy considers "doing his part" as watching his own children.
  • Duffy sure can hit those high notes (at the very end of the video)
What did you get out of it?


  1. The problem with Sean Duffy whining about food Stamps growing the economy....
    it shows what a dumb ass he really is:

  2. An interesting slip of the tongue at about 5:00
    when he uses 2006 instead of 2012 to refer to being in good shape for the current election.

    Could it be that the Republicans are worried about 2012 turning into another 2006?

  3. The Republicans now believe their own propaganda? How can they recover from their self deception?

    1. They are scared! Cognitive Dissidence looms! Er Cognitive Dissonance looms!

  4. It would be nice if "people" would quit acting like "this is the voice and the choice of N.WI" which, technically since Duffy won, it is. But it's a shock to me (yes, I can still be surprised)to see the derision and vitriol aimed northwards vis a vis Duffy.
    Aimed at the same people who kept Dave Obey, Democrat and very powerful man, in office for year upon year.
    Hearts sank the moment Julie Lassa opened her mouth. That hasty week-end confab the Dems had to decide who would be the Obey replacement...what the heck was going on there?
    Lassa was a disastrous choice. Perfectly designed to fail. At best she would have been a female Democrat version of a Ron Johnson had she won. All Duffy had to do was be male and Republican. That flannel shirt lumberjack thing seemed almost openly mocking, yet it was no problem. Lassa was the problem. Lack of emphasis and outreach outside large urban comfort zones is the problem. Duffy is obviously a pampered, pompous jerk, not a rugged Northwoodsman.
    Never the less, people still need a candidate in opposition that is viable enough to bring them to the polling places. Serve people weak tea and then guilt them because they don't get fired up about it. Then get huffy and say people are ingrates. Nice plan. Seems to be working against the Republican wave just great. oh yeah.

  5. Having children is voluntary. Duffy always talks like his six children are a great burden he must bear. At least his family of Eight has health care (provided through a Government program at low cost).

  6. Duffy seems disappointed that the Cons "can't drive the car over the cliff". He's clearly worried that Romney is going drag him down with the rest of the party. If you are trying to whip up enthusiasm six weeks out from an election you are in trouble.

    The whining tone made me depressed just listening to it. I wonder if it affected the Cons the same way. There was a complete lack of confidence there. He may be as he said, a Reality TV punk, but a motivational speaker he is not.

  7. Sounds brainwashed to me. The notion that the Democrats in Congress are moving ever leftward is laughable. The gulf is getting wider, yes, but only because of the Tea Party/Cantor tilt of the Republicans. Don't hire this guy as a political scientist!

  8. Show Sean Duffy's little pornographic video to some Tea Party evangelical or born-again Christian and have fun watching the reaction:

  9. The democrats "moving far to the left" is so laughable when you have the Blue Dog coalition that have betrayed the President and resulted in the watered down ACA and Frank-Dodd Wall St reform law and the reason why we could not overcom gop filibusters in the Senate since Obama became President but "dems are so far left?", This moron is so delusional like ALL the fascists of the gop/tp and their pack of liars.