Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Walkergate: Three Strikes And Yer Out!

During the course of her trial, Kelly Rindfleisch and her attorney, Franklyn Gimbel, have tried every trick they could think of to delay her trial.

They tried to appeal on the venue. This was denied.

They tried to appeal with universal immunity. Again, this was denied.

Undaunted and/or desperate, they tried to appeal for a third time. This time, there argument was on whether the evidence in the form of all of her emails should be denied.

And for the third time, they were denied.

The Appellate Court ruled that they did not show good cause for why her case, already eight months old, should be further delayed.

It should be noted that while the Appellate Court has denied her motion for now, the State still has to respond by October 1 and the court hopes to rule by October 15, the date her trial is supposed to start.

Regardless of whatever deal she may or may not have cut with Walker's people, she must be feeling pretty damned scared right about now.

I would also like to see some sort of report on how her legal bills are being paid and who is paying them. Given his disregard for the law, how do we know that it's not Walker illegally footing the bill with his legal defense fund?


  1. Im trying to find out where this case is now, are these folks still in trouble? I have no idea whats going on.

  2. Walker 5 Update time:

    Kelly Rindfleisch
    10-11-2012 - Hearing
    10-15-2012 - Jury Trial
    Judge: Hansher, David A.

    Kevin Kavanaugh
    10-08-2012 - Jury Trial
    Judge: Guolee, Michael D.

    Brian Pierick
    01-24-2013 - Jury Status Hearing
    01-29-2013 - Jury Trial
    Judge: Haughney, Patrick C.

    Darlene Wink
    11-21-2012 - Sentencing
    Judge: Konkol, Daniel L.

    Tim Russell
    10-22-2012 - Final Pre-Trial
    11-02-2012 - Motion Hearing
    12-03-2012 - Jury Trial
    Judge: Hansher, David A.

    Question 1) This is the first I've seen of Pierick's trial being move from December to January. It was 11DEC and is now 29JAN. Any chance he's talking?

    Question 2) Why does Russell have a motion hearing between the Final Pre-Trial and the Trial? Is that common?

    1. Also, coincidence that Russell and Rindfleisch have the same judge?

    2. I believe Russell has requested to change Judges three times (the max allowed under the law), kind of three strikes & your stuck with the last judge that you get. He's also on his fifth lawyer to represent him.

  3. I think your question of who is paying for the rather pricy Frank Gimble is a good one. Maybe Walker's criminal defense fund?