Friday, September 21, 2012

The Rats are Jumping Ship

 The Mitt Romney National Co-Chair Tim Pawlenty is leaving the campaign to become a bank lobbyist!

And Paul Ryan ( R - Wall St.) , Mitts Vice Presidential choice,is already running his second ad in the 1st Congressional district.  While the ads might be the worst ones on TV, they show that he knows his only chance to keep sucking on the government teat is to retain his Congressional seat.  

The list of republicans running FROM Mitt is growing by the day! Heck  even Tommy Thompson wants nothing to do with him!!


  1. No wonder thy are running from Mitt. There are seven weeks left and the bad news for Mitt is just getting started. Watch this new Mitt clip going viral soon. Paul Ryan will love watching this. Does he follow your blog? (Hi Mr. Marathon Man! Waves, flies the bird...)

    Romney on Being Rich, Famous & Happy

    It's 15 seconds which helps put his 47% comments in context.

    Romney at the podium: "One last thought you guys. When I was a boy, when I was a boy I used to think that becoming rich and becoming famous would make me happy. Boy was I right!" (Complete with diabolical laugh and sneering grin)

  2. Romney, like Scott Walker is a shining example of a loser kid who had zero social skills and was not well liked by anyone. They spend their entire lives ruining other peoples lives trying to find acceptance from the most devious and dastardly people they know.

    They are both good cases for psychologists to study.

  3. It will be fascinating to see how Paul Ryan tries to distance himself from Romney. It was a dream come true when he was picked as the VP nominee but now that the fog of notoriety and fame is lifting the spectre of political suicide has manifested itself.

    Not only is Ryan firmly trussed to the worst Republican candidate since the Great Depression, but the fantasy of the campaign as a springboard to the Presidency has taken a nightmarish turn as he looks in the mirror each morning and for a brief, terrifying moment sees Sarah Palin looking back at him.