Saturday, September 22, 2012


The Mitt/Mutt republican presidential team are desperate to get an attack that will stick on President Obama to take some of the heat of the sinking ship that they are sailing!

Now they drudged up a 14 year old tape of President Obama, highly edited it and are trying to use make that scandalous.  However the problem with their logic is, while there has been much talk about redistribution, it is the republicans that have been doing it for the past 30 years!

As my favorite economist, Dean Baker, points out on the Ed Show recently:

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  1. This is a desperate try to bring back the "Joe the Plumber" who was a Tea Party planted agent) thing, smearing Obama as some sort of Socialist. It didn't work in 2008; are people that gullible in 2012?
    The tone of Republican advertising in this past week has turned really shrill, really negative--really desperate! Gee, Tammy said "Damn" in a speech, that's just so extreme.