Monday, September 24, 2012

How Dare They Enforce The Constitution!

I've already written about President Obama's rally in Milwaukee this weekend, as well as some unknown Romney event and the CRG/AFP snake oil sellathon in Walkersha County.

So it turns out that there was a fourth event over the weekend.

A small group of Walkerites went to Madison to have a protest of Dane County judges upholding both the state and federal Constitutions:
The organizing group consists of Caledonia resident Eddie Willing, a member of Founders Intent; Paris Procopis, an activist affiliated with Founders Intent; Wisconsin state treasurer Kurt Schuller; the Tea Party Patriots; an unnamed former judge; and an unnamed state legislator.

“We demand they respect the other two branches of government and allow our state to run by the consent of the people,” according to a statement released by the group. “Our state Constitution needs judges that apply the law the people write, not reinterpret it.”

The purpose of the rally is to remind “judges they are consistently ruling against the democratic majority in this great state,” according to the statement.

The group cited several examples of decisions, including DNR regulations, voter ID laws and the collective bargaining law — and call the judges' actions an abuse of power.
I bet these fools had signs saying things like "Corporations are people too!" and "Corporation rules over constitutional obstruction!"

The real irony comes in when one considers who these people are.

The gentle reader will recognize the name Paris Procopis from a overhyped rally in Wauwatosa to celebrate Weasel Appreciation Day during the height of the recall.

Also worth noting, when I did a follow up on the story, the happy little group of trolls commonly referred to as the Knotheads.

The Knotheads are also known as "Knot my Wisconsin" and "Operation Burn Notice" who get their jollies of stalking women on Facebook and in real life and harassing them because the women dared to exercise their right to Free Speech and did not agree with their fascist teachings of the Knotheads.

They are also the ones that thought it would be cute to go out and pose as signature collectors during the recall and then burn them.

So this group who tries to intimidate people who express themselves and who openly supports tyrants who take away civil rights from almost every group of people in the state, are now holding a protest, carping that their rights are being violated because a judge upheld the Constitution.

Now, I don't claim to be a constitutional expert, but I don't believe that there is a constitutional right to deny other people their rights. But I'm sure they'll be petitioning for that soon.

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