Thursday, September 20, 2012

Donation Time

I am looking to donate to a couple candidates, where a smaller donation can make a difference.  I am torn between who to give to amongst a few people. 

Make your case for your candidate! 


  1. As an under-employed person, I have very few dollars to donate to candisdates, so what dollars I have to donate I want them to make a difference.
    I am disgusted by the Citizens United ruling, letting corporations (they're somehow "people," you are forced to swallow) donate without limits.
    My donated dollars go to Elizabeth Warren, who has the ability and credibility to bring back the Glass-Steagell law. Our country has a future if that law is re-enforced.
    Our tax dollars are being spent on bailing out other countries--wake the F up--without this law being brought back. Ask Bill Clinton, he regrets signing the law that took Glass-Steagell out. Question Wendy Lee Graham (Texas Senator Phil G's wife), and her role at the current Mercator Center (promoted by the Koch Bothers, as well as the other libertarian crowd).
    If I sound kind of extreme, it's for a reason, please help stop the takeover of our country (by the Mitts and Ryans). DO something about it.

  2. Zerban (D) in WI-1 against Ryan.

    Everything about Paul Ryan makes my skin crawl. He's a sociopath poised to gain nearly limitless latitude to indulge his disease. Neither he nor Romney have any compassion or sympathy. Ryan's economics are based on a work of fiction written by a disillusioned Russian woman who was herself a sociopath and died on the dole.

    The farther Ryan falls in November, the better.